What's on Your TV Wish List for 2012? Speak Up!

There’s a lot to be thankful for this TV season, from the addictive Revenge to everything to do with the terrific Homeland. But as the holidays draw closer, we can’t help but think about all the other stuff we want (like new episodes of Cougar Town and Community).

Yep, we’re greedy bastards and we’re not afraid to admit it.

Here’s where you come in: Instead of mailing your wish lists to Santa (or Hanukkah Harry), send ’em to TVLine! Specifically, email your Most Wanted lists to feedback@tvline.com or use the Contact Us page.

Is there a couple you hope finally gets their act together in 2012? A bubble show you’d like to see renewed? An actor or showrunner you wish would join the Twittersphere? We want to hear it! And don’t forget to plead your case. (For example: “I wish for Jason Dohring to get his own CW show! Surely that’s what all the guest spots on Ringer and Supernatural are about, right?”)

Feel free to be cheeky, thoughtful or quirky. And remember, there’s no TV wish too big or too small! (We’re still wishing for Project Runway to just go back to being 60 minutes long.)

We’re turning off the Comments section, so again — email feedback@tvline.com or use the Contact Us page, putting “WISH LIST” in the Subject Line. Once we’ve received a batch of your hopeful dreams, we’ll share them in a photo gallery with your quotes!

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