Why Didn't Gossip Girl Dare to Dair? Is Revenge Hiding a Sibling Secret? And More TV Questions!

12 | Did Glee‘s teenage Finn actually pop open a bottle of champagne — in front of Mr. Schue — to celebrate Sam’s return to New Directions?

13 | Glee does a Jackson family medley right on the heels of X Factor‘s Michael Jackson Week. Did Fox get a Black Friday package deal on the Jackson songbook?

14 | Is it wrong if New Girl Jess’ “old-timey news announcer” bedroom voice kinda-sorta “works” for us…?

15 | Is there anything you’ve wanted Covert Affairs‘ Auggie to see more than the look on Annie’s face when he revealed his plan to follow Parker to Africa?

16 | Are Revenge‘s Emily and Nolan half-siblings? It would certainly explain a lot…

17 | Yes, it made for a fine Modern Family sight gag, but wouldn’t a mint condition Joe DiMaggio card actually be traveling around in one of those hard plastic sleeves?

18 | Are you really not going to tell us what happened with Angelea, Top Model? Come on!

19 | Is Bones‘ musically judicious Michael the cutest baby on TV right now? (Is there even a close second?)

20 | Following this week’s pointed episode of Community, is anyone else picturing Glee editors frantically stripping all future mentions of “regionals” from already filmed episodes?

21 | How long before the NBC Experience store starts carrying Ron Swanson marshmallows?

22 | When Nicole Scherzinator wept after being booed by the audience at the end of the X Factor results show, were her tears prompted by her role in Rachel Crow’s ouster? Or over the fear that Simon Cowell will replace her with Cheryl Cole for Season 2?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!