Why Didn't Gossip Girl Dare to Dair? Is Revenge Hiding a Sibling Secret? And More TV Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows such as Nikita, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Revenge, Bones and Community!

1 | Has frequent Nikita guest star Devon Sawa been promoted yet to series regular? And if not, why?! The guy steals each and every scene he’s in.

2 | Is there a more thankless role on an otherwise superb piece of television than Homeland‘s Mike? Even when they give Diego Klattenhoff something to do (Advise Nick! Persuade Jessica! Dribble a basketball!), they don’t give him anything to do.

3 | Are Boardwalk Empire‘s Gillian and Jimmy the creepiest mother-and-son duo since [suggest names in the comments section]?

4 | Did Kalinda’s pre-Lockhart Gardner alter ego, Leela, spend some time in Britain? How else to explain the increasing presence of Archie Panjabi’s native accent this season on The Good Wife?

5 | Is Colin Hanks the most cartoonish villain in Dexter history?

6 | Does anyone else find themselves screaming at their television every time Chef Faulkner proclaims she is already The Next Iron Chef‘s next Iron Chef?

7 | ABC has promised Vanessa Williams a plum role on a new or existing series as payment for imprisoning her in an increasingly superfluous role during Desperate Housewives‘ final season… right?

8 | Which line of Castle fans do you think would be longer: Those volunteering to be handcuffed to Nathan Fillion, or to Stana Katic?

9 | Forget who the mother is! What is going on with Robin’s clothes on How I Met Your Mother? Thank goodness for her black dress this week because the blouse/trousers at the beginning of the episode were dreadful.

10 | Dear Gossip Girl: Couldn’t we have had at least a little Dan/Blair romance before the inevitable Chuck/Blair reunion?

11 | Why are more people not watching (and obsessing over) HBO’s hilarious and transcendent Enlightened?