How I Met Your Mother Recap: Baby Steps

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

After a shocking pregnancy reveal in the last episode, Monday’s How I Met Your Mother took Robin on yet another surprising journey. Is she really pregnant? Who might the father be? And what does it mean for Robin and Barney? Here’s what we learned in this week’s installment.

NO HANKY PANKY | Despite having been together for some time now, Robin revealed that Kevin (Kal Penn) could not be the baby daddy since they’ve never slept together. It was a surprising admission that said a lot about Robin’s feelings for her current boyfriend. Is she taking it slow because she really cares for him? Or is there something underneath the surface holding her back?

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PAPA STINSON | After learning that he was definitely the father of Robin’s maybe baby, Barney was ecstatic. “That’s wonderful!” he exclaimed. “I’m going to be a daddy!” Robin was so shocked that she fainted. We can’t blame her – Barney’s had one heck of an evolution. While he now wants a family, Robin maintains that she never has and never will want kids. Her staunchness on this matter was nice since it’s the very thing that set her apart in the pilot and eventually led to her breakup with Ted. Lily’s horrific stories of nipple cream and vagina numbing spray certainly didn’t do anything to sway Robin’s mind. In fact, the horrors of the We B Babies store and seeing his old bro as a slobby, stressed out dad actually moved Barney into the, “No baby!” camp, too.

NO BABY…EVER | Robin got her wish when her baby doc – the same one that treats Lily! – informed her that she’s not pregnant. Robin was as happy as Barney initially was at the prospect of being a daddy. That is, until the doctor dropped another bomb on her – she can never have kids. Although that should be fine for someone who doesn’t want them anyway, Robin was upset. The option to one day change her mind was taken away from her. Not helping matters, the little kids at We B Babies were now looking awfully cute and appealing. A sense of sadness enveloped her even as she told her imaginary daughter and son — Robin took over for Future Ted this week — “I’m glad you guys aren’t real. Really glad.” Ted, meanwhile, made a sweetly elaborate attempt to cheer her up with a kickin’ Christmas lights display set to ACDC.

So at the end of the day, Robin isn’t pregnant – and never will be – but she will be a world traveler, a business woman and, most importantly, she’ll never be alone, future Ted tells us. And no one, not even Barney, knows the truth about what’s really bothering Robin. And Kevin and Robin? Still together although we never even saw him or his reaction to Robin’s mood swings in the episode. There also didn’t seem to be a reconciliation in sight for Barney and Robin even when she thought she was expecting. In fact, Robin reminded Barney that she couldn’t have his baby right now because she has a boyfriend.

HIMYM fans, what’d you think of the pregnancy bait-and-switch? Did it feel right for the character or were you hoping for some little Barnacles? And what do you think it means for Barney and Robin’s on- and off-again romance?

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