Gossip Girl Recap: Blair Chooses [Spoiler]!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s Gossip Girl, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

Monday’s Gossip Girl‘s fall finale was chock full of feelings — some confessed, some rekindled and some kept hidden. Oh yes, and there also that big [spoiler alert] that should keep viewers in a tizzy until the show’s return on Jan. 16. Until then, here’s what went down in this week on the Upper East Side.

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DAIR CONFESSIONS | After talking with Serena, Dan realized he was the only person not to have changed since his book. Rufus suggested he confess his feelings to Blair. At the very least, it would help him move on. Dan got his perfect opportunity to do so when Blair decided to seek refuge from the paparazzi at his loft in Brooklyn. But all she wanted to talk about was her Louis vs. Chuck dilemma. She was completely oblivious to what he was trying to tell her even as he admitted it wouldn’t matter to him if her child wasn’t his.

SERENA CAN’T QUIT | Serena dwelled on the past after looking over old Gossip Girl blasts about her poor life decisions. She was particularly wistful when talking to Rufus about Dan being the only good guy she’s dated besides Nate. Uh oh, are those old feelings coming up again? It certainly seemed that way when she tried to talk Dan out of admitting his feelings to Blair, believing it would mess with her friend’s happy ending. As a safety measure, S decided to help Louis win back his would-be bride. (Serena, remember how said you made really terrible romantic decisions? Well, thinking Louis belongs with Blair qualifies as another one.) In the end, both Dan and Louis lost in the battle for Blair’s heart. Dan told Blair he knew how to give her the one thing she wants – to be happy – and escorted her blindfolded to a secret, candlelit location. It seemed like he was finally going to seize his moment, but alas, he had arranged a secret get together for Chuck and Blair after seeing how in love she is with him. Oh, Lonely Boy, forever Lonely.

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CHAIR QUESTIONS | Earlier in the loft, Dan advised Blair to compile pro and con lists re: Louis and Chuck. Chuck, pro: Finally a good man. Chuck, con (via Dan): He slept with every woman in New York. Louis, pro: He’s a prince and – the thing that stopped Blair dead in her tracks – the father of her child. “I can make all the lists in the world, but what else matters?” she asked. Blair took Dan’s confession about not caring about the baby’s father as a sign to call Chuck. “Do you think you can love another man’s child?” she asked him. Chuck chickened out and told her he couldn’t make that decision for her. “You’re the one who has to live with it,” he said. “I can’t imagine it would be a mistake to marry the father of your child.” After seeing that there were still some risks even Chuck would not take, Blair decided that Louis would have to be her prince after all. But lucky for these two crazy kids, they found an unexpected matchmaker in Dan. “I’m going to love your baby as much as I love you,” Chuck finally told Blair.

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CHARLIE’S GUILT | Charlie learned Max was outside her big debut party and tipped Gossip Girl off to Chuck and Blair’s rendezvous in an attempt to shut down the event and thwart Max. As Chuck and Blair left together in Nate’s car, which was leaking some fluid that makes accidents happen — is Tripp trying to kill his cousin?! — the paps chased after them, causing a very Princess Diana-esque car crash. At the hospital, Serena and Nate resolved anew to finally take down Gossip Girl, while Charlie was rightfully feeling guilty for sending in the tip. She even confessed to Rufus that she was the fraud, not Max, although it barely seemed to register with Rufus amid all the chaos and news of Blair and Chuck’s condition. The princess-to-be was awake and responsive, but there was no mention of her baby. Chuck, however, had fared far worse. Lily didn’t say exactly what happened, but her face spoke volumes. Still, it’s probably safe to say the only fatality here will be Blair’s unborn child. The unknown element is what do Diana Payne and Jack Bass have to do with all of this? How do they know each other? And will Charlie get away in time before she’s exposed to everyone? Or will Rufus keep mum?

Gossip Girl fans, what did you think of the fall finale? What do you make of Blair and Chuck’s fate, romantically and medically? Are you disappointed Dan didn’t tell Blair about his feelings? And are you hoping for a Dan/Serena redux?

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