Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on How I Met Your Mother, Spartacus, Revenge, Bones, Grimm and More!

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Question: I have a burning How I Met Your Mother question from Monday’s episode. When Future Ted says that Robin never becomes a pole-vaulter, was that a confirmation that she never becomes a mom? —Pat
Ausiello: Actually, the confirmation came four years ago, according to exec producer Carter Bays. “I would point people to the episode from Season 3 [titled] ‘Little Boys,’ he says. “In that episode, Robin’s grappling with the fact that she doesn’t particularly like children. And it ends with [Future Ted] explaining that she did go on to eventually like children in the form of Ted’s kids.” In case there remains any doubt, Bays states for the record that Robin “doesn’t become a mom.”

Question: Monday’s HIMYM felt like the beginning of a “cooling off” period between Robin and Barney. Please tell me I’m wrong. —Tricia
Ausiello: Sorry, you’re right. “We’re going to see Barney moving on in the remainder of the season,” confirms Bays, referring to the arrival of Becki Newton as his new love interest. And what about Robin and Ted (who ended the fall run on a particularly poignant note). “I’m sentimental about those two,” concedes the boss man. “She’s an important girl in his life. That’s never going to quite go away.”

Question: Please tell this Revenge addict the dead guy on the beach is someone other than Daniel. I love the way Josh Bowman has played this unwitting pawn in Emily’s plot. I’d hate to see him go. —Cindy
Ausiello: You better believe that was the first question I asked leading lady Emily VanCamp when she dropped by TVLine’s new Times Square headquarters on Tuesday. All she would say is that the “original plan” called for Daniel to be the dead man beached. And the current plan…? “I don’t think [the producers] are completely certain,” she hedged. “I guess the best thing I can say is that nothing is as ever as it seems on this show.” Well, one thing is as it seems: VanCamp confirms that “someone is dead on the beach. That I can say.”

Question: January’s coming fast. Got any new scoop on One Tree Hill? —Aimee
Ausiello: The series-ending epilogue will be sports-themed.

Question: Hey, Mr. Man-in-the-Know — do you have any scoop on Grimm? I wasn’t sure about this show at first, but my family and I watched the first episode online last night and added it to our DVR list before it even ended! —Cindy
Ausiello: This Friday’s episode is a big one for everyone’s favorite blutbad, Monroe. Not only will we watch as he struggles to contain his wild side, but we’ll also observe his romantic side when his former flame (played by Eureka‘s Jaime Ray Newman) comes to Portland and really, ahem, tests his discipline.

Question: Do you have anything on Parks and Recreation? —Brooke
Ausiello: Leslie gets hooked on PCP in Thursday’s episode. The twist? I’m not talking about the addictive narcotic! The scandal-ridden public servant, reeling from her work suspension and campaign collapse, uses her free time to form a militant citizen group, Parks Committee of Pawnee. Her first order of business? Adding Yahtzee to the rec center’s game room. The Christmas-themed outing also features the (hilarious) returns of Ben Schwartz’s sneaker salesman Jean-Ralphio and Jason Mantzoukas’ fragrance mogul Dennis Feinstein, and marks the long-awaited introduction of Ron Swanson’s miniature marshmallow doppelganger. (I smell a spinoff! Or at the very least a mid-afternoon snack!)

Question: Do you have any spoilers on Chuck? —Nick
Ausiello: In the Christmas episode “Chuck vs. The Santa Suit” (airing Dec. 23), both Chuck and Sarah find themselves on the receiving end of big ol’ smooches from other people — and one of the people delivering a kiss is most definitely not a friendly.

Question: After watching this week’s Gossip Girl fall finale, can you please give us some scoop on whether Chuck lives or dies? —Torie
Ausiello:  Considering Chuck is present at Blair’s royal wedding on Jan. 30, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he survives the car wreck. Unless, of course, Gossip Girl is about to venture into Weekend at Bernie’s territory.

Question: Please give me something good about Dair — like, possibly, Dan confessing his feelings to Blair at the hospital? —Jessie
Ausiello: You mean the prospect of Chuck dying isn’t enough to tide you over until January? Wow, you Dair ‘shippers are hard to please. I’m afraid I don’t have any good news to share… right now. But in early January, I will unload a scoop about the 100th episode that will make your Dair-lovin’ hearts explode. That’s right, I said explode. As in: This spoiler is so awesome it may actually kill you.

Question: Please get us some news on Spartacus: Vengeance. You have been way to quiet about this show! —Seena
Ausiello: Well, since I just received (and screened) the first two episodes (airing Jan. 27 and Feb. 3), right now seems like a perfect time for me to break my silence, don’t you think? Now then, I’ll admit it was bittersweet diving back into the action so soon after Andy Whitfield’s death. And, as strong a first impression as his successor, Liam McIntyre, makes, Andy’s spirit loomed large for me throughout the first episode. How could I — or anyone — watch Spartacus 2 without thinking about Spartacus 1? But by Episode 2, I was fully immersed in what was going on on-screen. So much so that I can say — and happily, I might add — that both the character and the show remain in top form. In fact, the series continues to push the envelope where blood and sex are concerned. (The gauntlet’s been thrown, True Blood.) Within the first two episodes, there’s an orgy as well as some of the most brutal slayings ever. (Seriously — Lorena Bobbit would be proud.) There’s also a heartbreaking death that is preceded by an even more heartbreaking last wish. Oh, and as those promos made pretty clear, Lucretia’s alive and she’s bats#*! crazy!

Question: Got any scoop on Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO drama More as this Story Develops — like a premiere date? —Bea
Ausiello: It’ll probably bow in the spring under the new title Newsroom.

Question: Ummm… that Carrie Preston Good Wife scoop needs to be spilled, sir! —Shane
Ausiello: Ummm… You’re right! It does. She’ll be representing Will in his battle with the S.A. office. Sucks to be Wendy Scott-Carr right about now.

Question: Now that we’ve been given the devastating news about Bonessixth episode being delayed, how about some awesome spoilers to get us through to January 2012? —Susan
Ausiello: When the show launches its spring run in March, Brennan will still be with child. But for how much longer? “That is the question,” teases series creator Hart Hanson. “How soon will she have the baby? It could happen [right away in Episode 7].” Hmm… The title of that particular episode is “The Prisoner in the Pipe,” and it’s been rumored that Brennan goes into labor in a prison. You see where I’m going with this?

Question: Can you please give me some scoop about Community? I am really going to miss it during the “indefinite hiatus.” —Amy
Ausiello: At least the show is going out on a high note — as in the show’s writers had to be high when they penned the fall/winter finale. As previously reported by TVLine’s Megan Masters, Thursday’s holiday-centric musical episode finds the Greendale gang filling in for the absentee glee club — and the results are pitch-perfect. Highlights include an Abed/Troy rap video that is sure to become a viral phenomenon, a running (and good-natured) dig at Glee involving ********s, a great callback to “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design,” and this line from Britta about the song-and-dance frenzy taking hold the study group: “I wish there was a way we could stop all this. I realize the stakes aren’t actually that high, but somehow that just makes it extra scary.” Oh, and I almost forgot: It all ends with a shocking murder confession!

Question: I’ll take any Pretty Little Liars scoop you’ve got! —Lila
Ausiello: Lucy Hale says that just because Aria’s parents will be clued into her romance with Ezra during Season 2.5, it doesn’t mean they — specifically her dad — will like it. Instead, the reveal “only causes more problems,” the actress tells TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “There’s a lot of friction between Aria and her parents because of this big bombshell that she drops.” As a result, she promises “more sneaking around” and “a lot more lying, obviously. It’s Pretty Little Liars!”

Question: Any scoop on 90210? —Sumaiyah
Ausiello: The bitch is back! I’m talking about Naomi’s sis Jen, who resurfaces early next year with demon spawn in tow.[/ask_ausiello_show]

[ask_ausiello_hide]Question: What’s the haps on my fave new show Ringer? I am going through some serious withdrawal pains and still have five weeks to get through! Don’t leave a girl hanging! —Carly
Ausiello: It sounds like Det. Machado is getting a new adversary. The show is adding a cocky male agent who “handles his new investigation according to his own agenda.” My guess? The slick newbie will be tasked with solving Gemma’s murder.[/ask_ausiello_hide]

[ask_ausiello_show]Question: Any scoop on Sons of Anarchy, preferably about the fate of Tara? —Kori
Ausiello: If she thought Season 4 was a bitch, wait until she gets a load of what lies ahead in Season 5 (assuming she survives tonight’s finale) — or, I should say, who lies ahead. Series creator Kurt Sutter confirms that Drea de Matteo’s recovering junkie will be back in a big way next fall, presumably to make good on her threat to bond with her son with Jax. “I will tell you that we are definitely bringing Drea back,” he says. “We signed her up for six episodes, and we brought her in for two this season, so we’ll have her in at least four next season. And if I need her for more, I’m sure I can work that out.” (BTW, make a beeline for TVLine after tonight’s finale. You won’t regret it!)

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