Did Good Wife Alicia Make the Right Call?

[The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of CBS‘ The Good Wife.]

The Good Wife this week sent Alicia and Peter — and thus viewers — on a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride, smack dab in the middle of what in and of itself was a good A-story legal case. And as with any thrill ride worth its salt, it was not apparent where this one ultimately was heading.

“Will…. I can’t. It’s too much.”

And with those few words, Alicia’s romance with her boss screeched to a stop.

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Leading to that turn of events were a few things, namely the scare that Alicia and Peter were given when Grace went MIA, seemingly abducted by a strange man outside her school. Did Alicia overreact, given the circumstantial evidence at hand? Perhaps. But she’s a parent. And as of late, she’s obviously feeling as if she’s been prioritizing other parts of her life, including those that call for black lingerie.

Heck, even Louis Canning knows that Alicia feels like she’s short-changing her kids.

But Will himself also went through something as the Grace scare unspooled, something that crystallized as he gazed upon the Florrick family reunited at the end of the crisis: maybe he’s not made out of the stuff to be a family man. Maybe “commitment” is a four-letter word for his type.

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For the record, I felt it was a bit of a cheat to have everything be hunky-dory with Grace, who had actually just butt-dialed her mom a dozen times while sneaking off for a baptism. (Does the ominous-sounding snippet of conversation captured by Grace’s first call really jibe with that?) The whole time the search was going on, I was saying to myself, “This better not be a psych-out.” But we will forgive, and move on.

We’ll move on to the question I have, and maybe someone can help me out here: What was that closing exchange between Will and Diane about? “You did the right thing”? Did Diane mean, to not fight Alicia’s break-up? Or something else? Because I didn’t see him having any hand in the events that led to him getting the hook. [Update: As one reader, Jackie, points out, Diane probably assumed that Will dumped Alicia, for the sake of the firm.]

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A few other notes:

* Julianna Margulies’ performance of the break-up scene and tearful walk down the hall after? Heart-wrenching.

* Loved the face-off between Caitlin and Martha, the latter of whom proved to be quite the job candidate scorned.

* It’s always, always good to see Michael J. Fox as Louis — and, funny story, just this morning I chatted up his “mom” Lea Thompson at an ABC Family party. I wonder if Alicia will be tempted by his job offer, now that he’s illustrated some of the good his evil “1 percent” clients do.

* In fact, typically solid guest casting all around, including Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter as Caitlin’s client, and John Michael Higgins as the arbiter arbitrator.

* Line of the night: “When I flirt, I follow through.” And how.

What did you think of The Good Wife this week? Are you sad about the break-up? Or was the Alicia/Will romance not as enjoyable in reality as it was as a fantasy?