Exclusive: Community Is Going to War — Over Another Massive Blanket Fort!

Community may be headed for hiatus-ville (sob!), but there are big, fleecey things to look forward to when it returns in the spring (or, fingers crossed, sooner).

TVLine has learned exclusively that NBC’s cult-fave comedy is planning to revisit one of its most beloved institutions: Troy and Abed’s epic blanket fort!

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You may remember the duo building the fort-to-end-all-forts in Season 2’s “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design,” only to discover that it had “gone mainstream” and thus lost all of its coolness.

This time around, Abed and Troy decide to delve back into the world of forting with their sights set on a Guinness World Record. Of course, stakes that high alter the fabric of what should be a fun event, creating major tension between the pals and ultimately leading to  — wait for it — Greendale’s very own Civil War.

Look for the remaining study groupers to choose sides in the bloody comfy two-episode battle — which escalates into full-on war in the second half. And, as an added bonus, John Goodman’s Vice Dean Laybourne makes an appearance to try, once again, to sway Troy into the alluring world of air conditioning.

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No word on whether another Latvian Independence Parade will take place in the revamped fort, but we’ll definitely keep you posted.

Are you excited to see more blanket madness in Greendale? Who’s side of the battle will you take? Hit the comments!