Supernatural Fall Finale Recap: Eternal Sunshine of Bobby's 'Fruitcake' Mind

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Friday’s fall finale of Supernatural, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

It’s not a Supernatural finale unless at least one person is at death’s door. And this Friday’s episode — the last new one until Jan. 6! — definitely delivered on that front. Here, we “Eternal freakin’ Sunshine” through Bobby’s self-described fruitcake of a head and relive the episode’s highlights.

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MIND TRIPPING | The episode opened with a CSI-like shot inside Bobby bullet wound to the noggin, giving us an unprecedented peek at his “gin-soaked, rat maze” inner consciousness and backstory. Going through his old memories, Bobby ran into hunter/partner Rufus, who told him the only way out was through a door in his worst memory. Bobby thought that meant reliving the night he and his wife fought over his refusal to have kids just days before she was possessed and he was forced to kill her. However, that door only led him to more memories. The Reaper came calling again, trying to convince Bobby to come with him, but he wasn’t ready to give up, especially not when Sam and Dean were still out there and he had  crucial information to get to them about the Leviathan. The real horror in Bobby’s past turned out to be his nasty, alcoholic father, who was abusive to young Bobby and his mother. It took everything he had, but Bobby finally confronted the man who scared him off from having kids – he raised two heroes, take that! – right before his younger self shot daddy in the head! Like father, like son, after all?

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At last, Bobby came out of his coma just long enough to scribble some numbers on Sam’s hand and lovingly call the boys “idjits” before flatlining! Back in memory land, the Reaper returned to assure Bobby that Dean and Sam would be OK without him. Sitting in his last memory of the two brothers fighting over movie snacks, Bobby mulled the reaper’s question: “Stay or go?” He has only two choices – become one of the spirits he and the Winchesters kill or move on. Either one would still probably afford him guest spots, although we can see the former being a bigger arc. Or will he miraculously recover? Then again, maybe Bobby will just die. As much as it pains me to say it — because I love the character as much as the next fan — there’s only so many times the guy can cheat death.

FACING DEATH | Back in the real world, Sam and Dean were struggling with Bobby’s condition. Dean punched a glass display case after a hospital employee questioned him about organ donation. Sam, meanwhile, was trying to prepare himself for Bobby’s death. But did you notice how he clutched his hand? Was that a problem with the wall in his head?

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THOSE PESKY LEVIATHAN | Baddie boss Dick Roman actually had the nerve to show up at the hospital, where Dean spotted his car and immediately started yelling at him. The heated exchange was captured on cell phone by random witnesses, begging the question: Will that – and Evil Dean and Sam’s public notoriety – come back into play? But more importantly, what were those numbers that Bobby was so desperate to get to the boys and what do they have to do with the Leviathan? Hopefully, Sam didn’t wash his hand.

What did you think of Supernatural‘s fall finale? What do you think Bobby’s choice will be? Or are you praying he will somehow live? And did this episode remind anyone else of an inverse version of Season 5’s “Dark Side of the Moon”?

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