Did Walking Dead Kill the Drama? What the Puck, Glee? And More Questions from This Week's TV

10 | Why can’t Ringer‘s Mr. Carpenter have, say, 5 percent more Logan Echolls in him? Why hire Jason Dohring to play a drip?

11 | Could Michael Bublé have been more bored by his own performance on Wednesday’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center? Dude, there’s a thing called sugar-free Red Bull. It gives you wings. And a pulse.

12 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how insane did Tyra Banks’ description of her novel Model Land sound on America’s Next Top Model? (Hint: The only acceptable answer is 1,000.)

13 | Did Prince Jackson not get media training about removing gum from his mouth before he makes TV appearances? Also: POOR BLANKET!

14 | Are there no likeable cheftestants on Top Chef: Texas? This season desperately calls for a dash of Blais and a pinch of Fabio.

15 | Really Jason Kennedy? E! lands an exclusive interview with Lady Gaga about her “Marry the Night” video and you don’t ask a single Cheerios question?!

16 | Is it possible Parks and Recreation is relying too heavily on the whole “character looks into camera to punctuate a joke” thing?

17 | Speaking of Parks and Rec: Half-hour comedies aren’t suppose to get us flustered, but how damn sexy was that closing Leslie/Ben kiss? Can the Pawnee court stenographer also do their wedding vows (should that day come)?

18 | Does anyone else think that Community has a serious future as an animé series whenever its run on NBC comes to an end?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!