Did Walking Dead Kill the Drama? What the Puck, Glee? And More Questions from This Week's TV

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including The Walking Dead, HouseGlee, Ringer and Parks and Recreation!

1 | Shouldn’t The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale have instead ended right after that final zombie emerged from the barn, leaving her fate hanging?

2 | Did Boardwalk Empire really have to kill off one of the show’s few truly sympathetic characters? R.I.P. Angela Darmody.

3 | When did Dexter suddenly become an idiot? The Dex we know and love would’ve seen that Gellar twist coming a mile away.

4 | Don’t you hate it when a super-secretive “mole” (such as on Terra Nova) starts acting 1,000-percent more obvious after his/her identity is revealed to the audience? Is it more annoying when said “mole” is revealed to only be acting sketchy for a “good” reason?

5 | So, who is the real Charlie on Gossip Girl?

6 | Is your head still hurting from House’s ton-of-bricks scripted plug for the SUV that Jessica drives? (We’ll only forgive it because Park quickly retorted, “Do you really think I care about your car?”)

7 | Who the eff is picking out Kurt’s sweaters on Glee? He’s gay, and that’s great, but seriously, a grey turtleneck cape? A cream-colored turtleneck asymmetrical half-sweater? This will not stand.

8 | When did Puck become the most sensitive, smart person on Glee? Sure, he thrust himself into an ill-advised student/teacher relationship, but he’s also the only one able to knock much-needed sense into Quinn.

9 | Whoa, did 90210 finally give one of its characters (aka Teddy) an actual exit storyline, instead of — like every other instance — simply refusing to further acknowledge said person’s existence?