NBC's Munsters Remake: Let's Meet (and Cast) the New Family!

Halloween is long gone, so why do we have goosebumps? Maybe it’s because we now know the basic plot of NBC’s True Blood-meets-Modern Family reboot of The Munsters.

Basically, the clan starts over in a new town after 10-year-old Eddie learns that his relatives are all monsters. Of course, that he himself is a werepup remains a secret… for now!

Then again, we could also just be all a-tingle because, with Bryan Fuller writing the pilot and Bryan Singer directing, it almost has to be good. On second thought, that’s not it, either.

We’re actually on the edge of our seat because we just got a hold of the official character breakdowns, which means at last we get to play Armchair Casting Director!

HERMAN | TVLine recommends: Greek dean Alan Ruck. Although he’s a little older than the early-40s Frankendad he’d be playing, under all that make-up, who would notice anything but that his hangdog look brings to mind Fred Gwynne?

LILY | TVLine recommends: Buffy/Angel blood-sucker Juliet Landau. Yes, yes, I know it’s typecasting to suggest a vamp to play one. But you can’t deny she’d be scary-good as a ghoul who preys on the suicidal (so as to keep her conscience clear).

GRANDPA | TVLine recommends: Michael Chiklis. The former head of No Ordinary Family couldn’t be any further from the original Grandpa, Al Lewis — and that’s a good thing. The modern Munsters wants a younger Grandpa, a dangerous real lady (ahem) killer who’s got a thirst Tru Blood couldn’t possibly quench.

MARILYN | TVLine recommends: Anna Camp. You may not quite know her name yet, but trust me, you know her — most likely from True Blood (she was preacher’s wife Sarah) and now The Good Wife (she’s “smart blonde” Caitlin). And to know her is to love her. She’d be a hoot as the manners-minded “normal” Munster.

EDDIE | TVLine recommends: a newcomer. The Boy Scout who has no idea he’s destined to be Team Jacob is clearly going to be a role of the breakout variety. So I suspect it’s going to go to the next Rico Rodriguez or Chandler Riggs.

So, who do you think should be chosen to reinvent these classic characters? (See? I told you you’d get a turn!) The message board below is open for business…