Maggie Q on Owen's Return to Nikita, Troubling 'Mikita' Woes, Cassandra's Secret and More

Mikita is in trouble, folks, and Cassandra isn’t the only one to blame.

Nikita‘s midseason finale airs tonight (The CW, 8/7c), and with it comes the return of Devon Sawa’s beloved Owen. Thus far, the rogue Guardian has enjoyed a mostly brother/sister-type bond with the spy thriller’s titular character, but given Nikita’s current relationship status (um, nonexistent?), is it any wonder that a visit from her charming friend poses a bit of a romantic threat?

It’s not intentional, says star Maggie Q, but rather a case of Owen being in the right place at the right time — and Michael doing all the wrong things.

“You know when you’re in a situation with someone you love, but they haven’t done things for you that you need?” muses Q. “Well, the danger of that is then being around someone who is.”

Enter Owen.

“Owen has always been the guy who has asked Nikita the right questions and has allowed her to emote. What I love about his relationship with her is that he’s not being a cheeseball or a perv; he’s just being himself. It is in those moments [in Episode 10] that it’s hurting her.

“If he was hitting on her, it’d be easy to [brush him off],” continues Q. “But he’s not. He’s just being something, in the moment, that she needs.”

Look for Owen “to do things for Nikita that Michael never does for her,” including an adorable cooking scene.

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“Albert Kim wrote the script, and there’s this lovely scene where she wakes up, walks in and Owen’s made breakfast for her,” Q reveals. “And there’s this amazing moment where he just blatantly — in his innocent way — says, ‘What does Michael make for you?’ And she has nothing. She doesn’t have anything to say because they don’t make that time for each other.”

Of course, Nikita will uncover the truth about Owen’s ties to Gogol in the same episode, and she is none too happy about it. “You get to see Nikita mad,” she teases with a laugh. “Not just stoic mad, like, ‘W-T-F, caps, caps, caps!”

And take heart, Mikita fans. Q also says that “the Michael and Nikita love is everlasting, certainly,” but that “the problems they’re going through right now are just so genuine.”

“Overall, it’s a really good [episode],” she promises of the fall finale. “It is going to put a tighter hold on fans’ hearts. I don’t think they’re going to have the solution they’re looking for in its entirety [when it comes to Mikita], but it is quite emotional.”

Here’s what else Q had to say about tonight’s ep, “Guardians,” and beyond…

NOW, ABOUT THAT CASSANDRA PROBLEM | True story: Q refers to Helena Mattsson’s polarizing character as “Blondie Blondie” — thought Mikita fans might enjoy that little gem. As for the havoc Cassandra has wreaked on the Nikita/Michael relationship, Q isn’t as lighthearted. “I don’t think [those residual] problems are going to go away immediately,” she shares. “They’re going to come back [in the picture] — Blondie Blondie and Little Boy — and there’s going to be some stuff that happens that ties in to Nikita’s feelings about her own family. It’s actually going to be nice and healing.” That said, “it takes a while for a woman to forget” that her man just let her walk away without trying to dissuade her, and “we haven’t even gone into that,” she explains. “Nikita’s still hoping it will work [with Michael], but… she hasn’t really dealt with her own feelings.” Oh, and there’s this — a tease from Q which will make many of you squee with delight: “We also may find out that Cassandra is not as ‘sweetness and light’ as we might think.”

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REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO… TEMPORARY | After weeks of secretly assisting each other here and there, Nikita and Alex will soon find themselves back on the same side of the gun. “You’re going to see them work together again and it’s going to be lovely,” Q reveals. “It’s such an older sister/younger sister dynamic that goes on [and] it’s nice. You’re going to see some really tender moments with them, too, which I like.” Q adds that the reunion occurs over a “couple of episodes,” but predicts another bout of separation is inevitable.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER | In case the following was lost on you by the end of the last heart-wrenching episode, “Nikki” and Birkhoff are BFFs. “He is such an integral part of what they do, and he’s so important to their story now because they’re a team,” Q muses. “I like that he had that moment of sacrifice.” Adds the actress, with a sly smile, “She loves him, he’s her friend. But when his hand heals, you’re going to see Nikita back to making fun of him. It’s going to be great.”