A Gifted Man: Will Kate and Michael 'Play Doctor'? 'She's Going to Start to See Him in a New Light'

This Friday on the fall finale CBS’ freshman medical drama, A Gifted Man, an emotionally charged case at Clinica Sanando brings Drs. Holt and Sykora closer together. But just how close? Will dearly not-quite-departed Anna’s ex-husband finally give himself over to another woman?

Rachelle Lefevre, who plays “Dr. Kate,” says that something is definitely developing between the docs as the season progresses.

“The No. 1 thing people ask me is that since there’s clearly chemistry between Dr. Kate and Dr. Holt, ‘What’s happening there?'” the actress tells TVLine.

Thing is, Kate is married, while Michael… well, he has issues with women (alive and otherwise). But at least one of those obstacles may not be all it seems. “Things between Kate and her husband (played by Law & Order: SVU alum Peter Hermann) are not ideal — there’s trouble in paradise — and that will explain some of why she’s been interested in Dr Holt, why she’s able to kind of notice him,” says Lefevre. “The problems at home are going to make her vulnerable, and I think she’s going to start to see Dr. Holt in a new light.”

In fact, at the time we spoke to Lefevre, she was shooting scenes in which an unlikely person — a newborn — plays a role in bringing the docs ever closer. “We’re filming an episode right now where there’s a baby,” Lefevre revealed, “and while holding the baby I have a nice bonding moment with him.”

Gifted Man fans, would you approve of a Michael/Kate romance?

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