The X Factor Top 7 Performance Night: Follow Along With Our Pithy Live Blog!

Who’s gonna be startin’ somethin’ and who’ll be simply bad? That’s the question we’ll ponder as The X Factor‘s Top 7 acts hit the stage and tackle the never-been-done-by-a-reality-singing-competition Michael Jackson songbook this week. [UPDATE: Full episode recap is live; read it here.]

So before things kick off, let’s all say a collective novena that no one will choose to cover “The Girl Is Mine” (too doggone awful), “Billie Jean” (property of David Cook), or “Ben” (reminds us oldsters of terrifying swarms of rats). If that’s sounds good to you, then please consider this live blog post as your pithy, mildly inebriated viewing companion.

The X Factor Recap: No One Wants to Be Defeated

As the episode rolls on, I’ll update you on who’s performed what and offer my opinions of said performances in 10 words or less. So keep refreshing the page for all the good, the bad, and the inevitable cover of “Heal the World.” (Prove me wrong, mentors!)

Ready, set, discuss!

Josh Krajcik: “Dirty Diana”
Sound mix is to Josh as anaconda is to gerbil.

Astro: Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” (with original lyrics)
Heavy on rhymes, light on hook. Not his finest hour.

Drew Ryniewicz: “Billie Jean”
Defies naysayers with heart, pitch perfection. Equals David Cook? (Blasphemy!)

Rachel Crow: “Can You Feel It”
Alas, no matter how many times she asked, I couldn’t.

Marcus Canty: “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”
Fun to watch, but note how L.A. didn’t defend vocals?

Chris Rene: “I’ll Be There”
Boneheaded song choice for his voice. Even “Rockin’ Robin” would’ve been better.

Melanie Amaro: ‘Earth Song”
Ugh. Quoting Steve Jones: “That was epic.” (Haley was better though.)

Your turn: Who’d you love? Who’s headed home? (I’m guessing Rachel Crow and either Astro or Chris Rene.)

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