Donald Faison Touts His New Sitcom's Exes Appeal, Talks Potential Cougar Town Cameo

Scrubs alum Donald Faison returns to TV this Wednesday in TV Land’s The Exes (leading out of Hot in Cleveland at 10:30/9:30c). The sitcom, he tells TVLine, revolves around “three newly divorced guys (including Seinfeld‘s Wayne Knight and The Starter Wife‘s David Alan Basche) who move in together — with their divorce attorney, played by Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun), as their landlord!” Sounds fun, sure, but does it have anything to offer longtime fans of Sacred Heart’s beloved Chocolate Bear?

Here’s what Faison shared with us about the role he says is vastly different than his past gigs (in a good way), whether or not we’ll ever see him pop up on Cougar Town, and more.

WHY THE EXES IS NOT SCRUBS | “One thing that drew me to this role was that it’s different [than anything I’ve ever done],” Faison revealed. “And hopefully my fans will say, ‘Wow, that sounds awesome! My kind of show.” Another reason Faison boarded the TV Land comedy “was to perform in front of a live audience. It’s scary to do that, and I thought this would be a cool way to combat that fear.” And last, but certainly not least: “TV Land is dope!” he raved. “Cable is a good medium to reach people who didn’t get the opportunity to watch Scrubs.

WHY PHIL IS NOT TURK | Turkleton no doubt had a way with women — rather one woman — while Faison’s Exes character, Phil, “is ladies man — but a nice one, not a jerk.” And since Phil works as a sports agent, “We’ll have some pretty cool guest stars from the sports realm, which is awesome,” teased the actor, who remained mum on exactly which athletes would drop by.

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WHY A COUGAR TOWN CAMEO IS NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION | Sadly, Faison said that “nothing is currently in the works” for him to become one of the Scrubs alums to journey to Cougar Town, though he’s game if the opportunity presents itself. “That would be fun,” he enthused, adding with a laugh, “I’m sure if there ever comes a time they’re looking for a handsome, young, African-American man, they’d go to me and not Jaleel White or Taye Diggs or Donald Glover…. I would hope!” Fingers crossed they get the ball rolling on this sooner rather than later, given the ABC comedy’s current unscheduled midseason-ish status.

Now, here’s a sneak peek at Faison and the rest of The Exes crew in action: