Bones First Look: Booth Is Dealt a Personal Blow, While Hodgins and Clark Get Medieval

Bones Season 7Boys and their toys.

While Booth is dealing with a personal crisis in this Thursday’s Bones (Fox, 9/8c), Hodgins and squintern Clark have a little too much fun trying to track down the weapon that chopped up a victim. As Hodgins reveals in the first clip here, that means raiding the Jeffersonian’s French Revolution exhibit for a guillotine!

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Speaking of things that (would seem to) cut like a knife: As mentioned above, the can’t-miss episode leads off with Booth getting bad news from his grandfather (The Waltons‘ Ralph Waite). Booth’s matter-of-fact reaction to the bombshell, however, is “Another day, another crime,” as seen in the second clip below. Will Seeley ultimately allow himself a proper emotional response? Tune in Thursday to check out David Boreanaz’s standout performance as the conflicted G-man.

Also in the episode: Veronica Mars alum Tina Majorino reprises her role of Special Agent Shaw, while Cory Matthews aka Boy Meets World‘s Ben Savage guest-stars as one in a group of lottery winners who may have had motive to off the aforementioned victim.

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