Gossip Girl Recap: Truth and Lies Come Out

Gossip Girl this Monday night set the stage for what is sure to be a dramatic fall finale next week. Chuck bared himself to Blair — get your mind out of the gutter! — Charlie continued to prove she’s a cat with nine lives and someone might be at death’s door. Let’s review the episode’s biggest reveals:

CHUCK AND BLAIR DIG DEEP | In an effort to figure out how Chuck went from “Charlie Sheen to Charlie Brown,” Blair and Chuck went to couples therapy. Well, sort of. It was more like Blair sitting in on one of Chuck’s sessions, looking for answers where she wasn’t even supposed to be. After Chuck finally revealed how he let go of her by leaving behind what once could have been her engagement ring, Blair had an epiphany: Chuck wasn’t full of darkness. Rather, it was she who brought out darkness in him (and Louis), a realization that has a surprising amount of legitimacy. Between the short therapy scene and Blair’s self-reflection, it’s becoming really obvious that Queen B could use some shrink time herself. Look at what wonders it’s done for Chuck this season!

But for the Chair shippers thinking all hope was lost, Chuck was quick to correct Blair, calling her the “lightest thing” in his life. He admitted that losing her was the worst thing that ever happened to him. But it happened, and after it did, he didn’t die. He came out the other side alive and had no choice but to move on. That honest, simple confession hit Blair hard, leaving her too upset to even call Louis and tell him he wasn’t going to lose her like Chuck. (Maybe because Chuck hasn’t really lost her?) Although he held it back remarkably with Blair, Chuck confessed to Nate, “I can’t imagine the day I won’t love her.” And we can’t imagine the day Blair will marry the prince over Chuck.

DOUBLE IDENTITY | The truth about Charlie/Ivy finally came out — sort of, again — when Serena learned that Charlie was really Max’s ex, Ivy. (Serena really does have the worst taste in guys.) But Charlie managed to avoid destruction — again — using her big, sad doe eyes to spin a tale about how Max was blackmailing her. Suddenly, the whole Rhodes family and then some turned on Max as he cried, “Fraud!” Charlie got her money and, more importantly, the family she’s always wanted, but Max is not the give-up-and-leave type. Despite alienating everyone, he’s sticking around. Who knows what he’s expecting to find or accomplish by staying, but Charlie isn’t worried now that she’s really a Rhodes. The bigger mystery: Who is the real Charlie Rhodes, and where is she? Why is Carol keeping her daughter hidden? Whatever the truth is, Carol thinks it would be “unforgivable” if it ever came out.

GET WELL SOON | Uh-oh, looks like someone’s sick. CeCe came to town for a Studio 54 party thrown in her honor. Judging by the pills in her purse and the look of concern in Charlie’s face when she spotted them, it may be her last hurrah. Is CeCe’s cancer back? Imagine the drama — and by that we mean “fighting over money,” obviously — her death might cause among those untouchable Rhodes girls!

What did you think of the episode? Are Chuck and Blair on the road to reconciliation? Or will Dan manage to tear his attention away from Twitter long enough to make a play for Blair’s heart? And what do you think the deal is with the real Charlie?

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