Glee Exclusive: Sam Joining [Spoiler] Team to Woo Mercedes! (But Who Should Be His Coach?)

Looks like Glee has found a legitimate excuse for Chord Overstreet to lose his shirt when Sam returns to McKinley High.

Indeed, Trouty Mouth will get in touch with his spirit animal when he joins the McKinley Synchronized Swim Team — in an effort to win back Mercedes! — according to a show insider.

Look for Sam to have his Esther Williams moment in Episode 10 (airing in January), which will introduce us to a quartet of yet-to-be-cast characters — all of which have the potential to become recurring:

* Coach Roz Washington, for which the show is seeking a well-known comedic character actress in her 30s or 40s. (Might we suggest Wanda Sykes, or perhaps her former New Adventures of Old Christine costar Alex Kapp Horner?)

* Synchronized Swim Team members Webber, Charles, and Vinny, who are respectively described as “a nerdy looking girl” of any ethnicity, “a handsome African-American boy,” and “a nerdy looking boy” of any ethnicity. (Seeing that Eric Stoltz will be directing Episode 10, perhaps one of his former costars from Caprica — Magda Apanowicz or Alex Arsenault — could step in as Webber or Vinny?)

Are you excited about Sam’s new extracurricular activity — and the prospect of a Mercedes-centric love triangle? Got any casting suggestions for Coach Roz or any of Sam’s new teammates? Hit the comments! And for all the Glee news and commentary your heart desires, follow us on Twitter @TVLineNews!