Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, Homeland, Gossip Girl and More

Is the supersized Sons of Anarchy finale as good as the 12 episodes that came before it? Who will be butting heads on Homeland? Why is Sam Winchester consorting with a hooker? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Sons of Anarchy | Season 4’s two-part finale kicks off this Tuesday, and it is just as gripping, satisfying and shocking as you expect it to be. Opie’s shooting of Clay of course has massive ripple effects, including one seemingly minor – yet potentially major – death in this week’s hour. Among the standout performances in the finale, Charlie Hunnam seethes intensity while holding someone at knifepoint, Katey Sagal deftly handles a scene that will surely be watched with great expectation, and even Rockmond Dunbar gets some moving moments as the sheriff. I can also say that Vic Mackey puts in an appearance, Jax/Tara fans will want to have on hand a bottle of wine, two boxes of Kleenex and one set of cheerleader pom-poms (but not necessarily in that order), and the second hour packs a massive twist that I absolutely did not see coming. Also: For those who ever longed to see Jax naked from head to toe, soaking wet, Christmas is here early.

The TVLine Staff Gives Thanks for Sons of Anarchy, Homeland and More!

Homeland | Speaking of top-notch cable dramas, the Dec. 18 freshman finale of Showtime’s spy thriller will play host to a showdown between its two leading ladies, Claire Danes and Morena Baccarin, who thus far have been traveling in rather separate circles. “We have a fantastic confrontation,” Morena Baccarin told me. “After Jessica puts it together who Carrie is, they have this sort of face-off.” Pressed for further details, all Baccarin would add is, “It takes place at my house, and it is intense.” My question: Does “who Carrie is” mean “CIA spook trying to finger my husband for treason,” “harlot who bedded him,” or a bit of both?

Law-Enforcement Crushes Tournament: Covert Affairs‘ Annie Walker vs. 24‘s Michelle Dessler

Covert Affairs | I cued up next week’s Season 2 finale, having had my curiosity well-piqued by Chris Gorham’s teaser about a “big choice” Auggie makes. Now, you may think you know what he was hinting at, but I’ll also throw this out there: An early scene finds Auggie visiting a doctor. Meanwhile, the A-story has Annie vacationing with Danielle in Stockholm, but of course that pleasure turns into business – and then downright danger — culminating with one of TV’s best cat-and-mouse-inside-a-creaky-house sequences in a while. Also: During their time together, Danielle is led to make an observation about Annie and Auggie that plays into one of the hour’s final moments.

Supernatural Exclusive: Jason Dohring Is a God!

Supernatural | When speaking with Meghan Ory (aka Once Upon a Time‘s Ruby aka Red Riding Hood), I was sure to run by her the synopsis for Supernatural‘s Episode 11, in which she plays Sally, “a frightened working girl who comes to Sam for help.” Issue No. 1: Why is Sally “frightened”? “Life’s hard when you’re turning tricks,” she explained. “Plus, there’s some stuff going down at the place that she works, and she has nowhere to turn except to Sam.” Issue No. 2: Why Sam? “He’s in the right place at the right time.” Issue No. 3: Um, what is this ‘right place” that Sam is at, where he’s rubbing elbows with working girls? A cathouse? “No, no, no,” Ory corrected with a laugh. “Sally works out of a truck stop. She’s a good girl who’s doing everything she can to survive, and Sam is there to help her do that. ” And Issue No. 4: Will there be (gratis) sparks with Sam? “Aren’t there always sparks with Sam? At any given moment?” Ory countered, effectively.

Gossip Girl Spoiler Alert: 8 Things You Need to Know About Blair’s Wedding Day

Gossip Girl | At the show’s 100th-episode party, I presented director Mark Piznarski with a concern I’ve seen shared here by some fans — that the wedding-centric outing will offer little for those folks not fascinated with all the Blair/Dair/Chair drama. If you happen to fall into that camp, he said there’s still good reason to tune in on Jan. 30. “Listen, everybody has sort of been with everybody [on this show], so everybody has feelings about [the wedding] – Is Blair going to get married? Will she go with Chuck? Will she go with Dan? And her first love was Nate, in the pilot, and they’re all there,” he noted. “So while [the episode] is kind of centered around the wedding, yes, there are big beats for everybody.” Now, as for whether the wedding itself goes off without a hitch, one of the cast members I interviewed did make reference to something that happens at the reception. Hmm….

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