Castle Hot Shots: Beckett and Castle Get 'Cuffed'

Forget the criminals. Next Monday, ABC’s Castle will entrap in handcuffs two people who can’t spend enough time glued to each other — and we’ve got a dozen photos from the awkward encounter.

As if being cuffed together isn’t embarrassing enough, “Beckett and Castle are very curious as to why they are cuffed together, and wonder why they can’t remember exactly how it happened,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe told TVLine. What’s more, they wake up shackled together in a bed! Whoever did this to the will they/won’t they pair is wickedly evil — and clearly has a ‘shipper heart.

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Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments to chime in with your thoughts on Castle and Beckett’s hook-up hooked-up adventure. (Stana Katic, for one, told us it’s “cute” and “adorable.”)

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