The TVLine-Up: 6 Web Series Worth Watching

Happy Thanksgiving, people of the web! While the turducken is in the oven, pop open the laptop and consume some tryptophan-free web content before a family member sends you on a grocery run for gravy. This week, ’90s television stars awkwardly resurface, the elvin assassin wraps up her video-game inspired series, the crooner behind “Smelly Cat” logs back on and soap superstar Genie Francis turns up on a wacky mockumentary. Go ahead, be thankful.

Aim High | Just as romance begins to bloom between Nick and Amanda, the arrival of Clancy Brown’s Big Bad torpedoes their bleacher bliss. High school swim meets have never been so entertaining.

7 Minutes in Heaven with Mike O’Brien | Most recently known to the masses as the voice behind the Vanity in this summer’s Smurfs flick, John Oliver walks in to the closet with O’Brien for silly banter and exits with not one, but two awkward smooches.

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Dragon Age Redemption | Young Josmael makes a very grown up decision in a split second, Tallis finds fleeting romance and Saarebas is silenced. But it’s what happens after all those events that is the most compelling.

Can’t Get Arrested | Led by Dave Coulier, former Full House cast members and a few other TV misfits (Saved By the Bell‘s Mr. Belding and the O.J. Simpson’s Kato Kaelin) have joined forces to poke fun at the fact that they can no longer get jobs in the industry. Playing themselves, the down-on-their-luck actors enlist the help of two bonehead paparazzi to put them back on the star map. This most recent episode is really only worth a look for a five second exchange between Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin that will teleport you back to San Francisco, circa 1993.

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Pretty the Series | A mockumentary that spoofs kiddie beauty pageants is in its third season of not saving the drama for their mama. The outrageous and sometimes wince-worthy show follows 5-year-old Annette’s pageant trajectory, which is piloted by her dad Michael (Sam Pancake). To make things weirder, Annette is played by a grown woman, Stacy McQueen. This series makes this week’s cut because soap goddess Genie Francies unexpectedly shows up this season to play Dr. Kate, a pageant therapist.

Web Therapy | Lisa Kudrow’s improvisational web show returns for a fourth season, which means self-involved therapist Fiona Wallace will be logging back on to iChat. This season starts off with web cam convos about Fiona’s yet-to-be-published autobiography. Rosie O’Donnell guests as Fiona’s publisher who has some serious concerns about the manuscript.

Which of the above shows is a must-see for you? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!

Note: This column features web series currently releasing new episodes. So, don’t get your ironic t-shirts in a bunch, Guild fans.

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