Chuck Boss Talks Finale: 'I Predict Few Dry Eyes'

Chuck‘s series finale is still two months away, but the first (somewhat biased) review is already in — and it’s a rave!

“I predict very few dry eyes,” executive producer and co-creator Josh Schwartz tells TVLine of the spy comedy’s Jan. 27 swan song. “Mine did [well up]; it was really emotional.”

Overall, Schwartz says the episode — titled “Chuck vs. the Goodbye” and penned by series co-creator Chris Fedak — is “really, really great” and serves as the perfect bookend to the show’s against-all-odds five-year run. “I think that every Chuck fan is going to be very satisfied.”

And while some folks were holding out hope that NBC would extend the final season long enough to allow the show to reach its 100th episode, Schwartz — who was marking his Gossip Girl hitting that very milestone when we spoke to him — concedes, “It’s very Chuck to only get to 91 episodes.” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

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