Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Community, Fringe, The Closer, Body of Proof, Sons and More

Is Castle gunning to make you grab for Kleenex? Does Community have an endgame? Will Astrid ever find herself twin-piqued? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Castle | No sooner did I hear that the screener for the next new episode was available did I lunge for the play button. As you may know, “Kill Shot” revolves around a sniper who is picking off “random” civilians — and as you can imagine, the case has a profound effect on Beckett, who found herself on the business end of a long-range rifle in the Season 3 finale. On Monday I’ll have a full-on Q&A with Stana Katic, but for now rest assured that she brings it, quick, often and heart-wrenchingly, as Kate’s memories are jostled anew. (Expect waterworks on both sides of your TV screen.) You’ll see a lot of her scar and her shrink (whom she hightails it to after one big breakdown). Jon Huertas also shines in the episode, as Esposito, a sniper himself, tried to help Beckett stand up to her demons. On the lighter side, Alexis’ smarts help dig up a clue about the killer, and you’ll hear of a “new man” in Kate’s life. His name is Roger and, she effuses, he has “the most incredible [spoiler]”!

The Closer | Another screener I cued up is this TNT hit’s “Season 7.33” premiere (airing Nov. 28). In light of how the final season’s first run of episodes ended — with cocky Booger filing a federal lawsuit against Brenda & Co. — it’s no surprise that Raydor is riding everyone harder than ever. But is the captain satisfied with pulling “hall monitor” duty? Watch for an interesting twist (and then a twist on that twist) there. Turning to the new batch’s second, Christmas-themed episode, Pope has a scene that is made of epic win, and a visit from Buzz’s hottie sister (FlashForward‘s Christine Woods) has all of the MCD menfolk feeling most jolly.

Community | No one – not a single TVLine staffer included – wants to ponder a primetime slate devoid of this beloved NBC comedy. But if, in the worst-case scenario, the Greendale gang can’t eke out another renewal after returning from winter hiatus, rest assured that series boss Dan Harmon has a plan. “If we’re unsure enough [about our fate], you can count on me to wrap things up in a way that will satisfy those fans who have stuck with us for three years,” he told us months ago, before the current season started. “Even though it will be a horrible funeral, at least it will be a complete one… with a burial.” With that said, here are links to a “Save Community” Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Body of Proof | We pause here for a quick casting scoop: Hip-hop recording artist/sometime Justin Bieber collaborator Sean Kingston will guest-star on the ABC procedural around midseason, playing a cab driver named Marley.

Suburgatory | TVLine caught up with Jane Levy at a recent event, and she was more than happy to dish about upcoming episodes. For one, hottie-next-dooor “Ryan reconfesses his love to [Tessa], and she just doesn’t want to hear it,” the ingénue revealed. “It’s some juicy stuff.” But Levy’s most favorite episode to date arrives this Wednesday, when her new nabe marks Thanksgiving. “Everyone comes together and the dysfunction is at its highest point,” she previews. “It’s hilarious.”

Fringe | When we met up with Jasika Nicole on the Fox drama’s Vancouver set, we had to wonder aloud: Will our Astrid ever meet her At Universe doppelganger? Nicole smiled and confirmed nothing, but went on to share her own curiosity at such a face-off. “The two Olivias are very different, but these two women are fundamentally different, so I wonder what their common ground is?” she ventured. “I think this Astrid would be completely fascinated and want to hang out with the alternate Astrid. And I think the other alternate Astrid would just be completely oblivious.” Interesting fact: In her portrayal of AltAstrid, Nicole takes some cues from her real-life sister, who lives with Autism. “There are definitely some similarities that they have in terms of behavioral patterns,” she notes.

Covert Affairs | In my full Q&A with Chris Gorham, he hinted at changes coming down the pike for Auggie. But here’s one extra-titillating tidbit I left out. “As we get to the end of this season, Auggie is going to deal with something on a very personal level,” he shared. “He’s going to make a big choice that I think [viewers] might be nervous about once they get to it.” Gorham offered no other details – though one has to wonder if this twist somehow involves new girlfriend Parker, who’s due to join the Peace Corps at some point – but he did rave, “I’m very happy about how we handled it.”

Sons of Anarchy | Now that you’ve seen the latest episode, where Wendy’s visit led Tara to rebreak her already damaged hand, I can pass along Maggie Siff’s answer to the question: Could this be the start of a pattern of self-destructive behavior? Will the devastated doc lose it completely? “The thing that Kurt [Sutter] and I have talked about is how Tara can never become Gemma — the roots of who she is are really, really different,” she answered. “Tara has these two small children that she’s super-dedicated to, and what’s been very interesting in terms of these events going down is how much of a grip she’s been losing internally. So I think you will continue to see her struggle.”

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