Revenge Preview: The Real Emily Thorne Reveals Her Agenda! (Hint: It Involves 'Sharing')

This Wednesday’s installment of Revenge (ABC, 10/9c) delves deeper into the mystery surrounding the recently resurfaced “Amanda Clarke” — that is, the real Emily Thorne. When TVLine spoke with Margarita Levieva (How to Make It in America), who plays the inmate-turned-identity-swapper, we learned there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the new girl you’re all bound to hate (but probably shouldn’t!).

TVLINE | It’s clear that the real Emily is fond of the fake Emily, given the murder she just committed on her behalf. But why take such a risky trip to the Hamptons?
Amanda comes to town to let Emily know that this man Frank was on to them and that she took care of it. She desperately wants to help out, because she loves Emily, so she really is just here to warn her — at least initially. Amanda plans to continue doing things to help this girl who is like a sister to her.

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TVLINE | What is Amanda’s reaction upon discovering the life of luxury Emily is now leading?
The real Emily was an orphan and doesn’t feel close to anyone in this world; her life hasn’t really turned out the way she had expected it would. So when she sees Emily living this amazing dream, she begins to feel that it’s not fair that they swapped identities. She certainly wants what Emily has, but more than that she just wants them to be able to share it. And it’s not in a devious way, it’s just very real. She wants a home, she wants friends, she wants a life.

TVLINE | Will Amanda inform Emily of her desire to assimilate herself into this new world?
The two do have a conversation about it, but Emily’s not very receptive to that proposal. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Are there more flashbacks ahead of the two girls? Anything that will shed light on how they came to be friends?
You’ll see a lot of flashbacks of us together back in juvie. There’s lots of us fighting and not liking each other, but we eventually team up.

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TVLINE | So, based on what you’re saying, Amanda is actually a good person and can be trusted…?
She’s certainly capable of menacing behavior — she’s a fighter and a survivor — but when it comes to Emily, she’s desperate to keep whatever it is the two have going.

TVLINE | Last question, which is quite possibly most important of all: Will the fans like Amanda?
[Laughs] Oh boy… Well, I have a feeling they won’t because anything done against Emily is going to seem bad because [the fans] love her so much. But hopefully the line between what’s mean and what’s based on truth is clear enough for the audience to see Amanda’s needs and innocence in all of this, too.