Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Grey's Anatomy, Leverage, Ringer, Horror Story and More!

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Question: I am a loyal follower and this is the first time I have asked for scoop! Do you have anything about the Dec. 5 episode of Castle entitled “Cuffed”? Specifically, how do Beckett and Castle get handcuffed together in the first place? —Lauren
Ausiello: Good question. So good that I went directly to series creator Andrew W. Marlowe for the answer. He said, “Fans should be very curious as to why Beckett and Castle are handcuffed together” — and they’re not alone in that. “I think Beckett and Castle are very curious as to why they are cuffed together, and wonder why they can’t remember exactly how it happened.”

Question: Waiting for a new episode of Castle is killing me! I need spoilers, Aus! —Ivy
Ausiello: Sounds like Castle is about lampoon — or pay homage to? — Kim “72 Days” Kardashian. The show is casting the role of Kay Cappuccio, a charismatic reality-TV star “who has achieved significant fame and fortune without possessing any discernible skill or talent” and whose “knockout body have made her a favorite of tabloids and gossip sites the world over — one of which has placed a huge bounty on her booty.” It’s totes KK, right? That’s what I thought, until I read the last sentence of the character descrip: “Kay both relishes this spotlight and at the same time feels like a prisoner of her own celebrity lifestyle — the result is a woman who is more complex than she might at first seem.” Complex?! Kim? Um, no, I think I had a cactus once that demonstrated greater depth than she ever has. And it had a bigger vocabulary, too.

Question: Got any Grey’s Anatomy scoop? It has been ages since you gave us anything on the show. —Sami
Ausiello: Alex can’t seem to catch a break in the love department. Rumor has it shortly after news broke that Charlie’s Angels was dead, Shonda Rhimes put feelers out to Rachael Taylor about reprising her role as Alex-crushing Dr. Fields for an arc later this season. Sadly, I hear that Taylor declined.

Question: Is there any news about a possible crossover this season between Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy? —Ingmar
Ausiello: Derek and Mark will make a cameo of sorts in Thursday’s two-hour, intervention-themed Private Practice when addict-on-the-attack Amelia hits Addison where it hurts — her heart and womb — by suggesting that Ad’s own obsession (with having a baby) is what drove away Derek and Mark in years past. Amelia also says Sam was smart to not want to start a family with her. (Ouch!) She then says Rosemary’s baby would not want to live among the tumbleweeds in her uterus. (Double-ouch!) Amelia also unloads on Pete and Violet, but, unlike Addison, they take the sticks and stones in stride. In fact, they have a good laugh about it later.

Question: Regarding The Walking Dead, which of Shane’s secrets will be revealed first: his affair with Lori or his murder of Otis? —Julian
Ausiello: One of those two humdingers will be exposed in this Sunday’s episode — and the unpredictable way it comes out only makes me love the show more. (And I’m already loving it a lot this season.) Also in the ep: Two characters have sex for the first time (and it’s both dirty and hot.)

Question: I am a HUGE Leverage fan. Will we get to see a shirtless Hardison and Eliot this season? If you could respond, that would be awesome! —Jessa25
Ausiello: Half of your wish comes true in the Nov. 27 midseason premiere when Hardison loses his clothes during an undercover mission at a fraternity (where he’s forced to participate in a hazing ritual). Even better, things get very flirty — and kissy! — between Hardison and Parker when she poses as his slightly loony date.

Question: Any chance you have some Leverage scoop, particularly something involving Nate and Sophie’s relationship? —Lauren
Ausiello: A special Office-like mockumentary episode airing Dec. 4 finds the team posing as efficiency consultants at a greeting card company. When one of the real employees picks up on some tension between Nate and Sophie, the unsuspecting staffer — at Sophie’s delightfully evil urging — confronts Nate about it. That prompts the two of them to take their playful war to the cameras, talking-head style. Bonus scoop: Nate writes one hell of a greeting card to Sophie.

Question: Do you have any word on when the promised Chase-centric episode(s) will air on House? —Melinda
Ausiello: The first of the two will air after the pivotal episode “Nobody’s Fault.”  I’m told the fallout from the game-changing hour will spill over into the Chase-powered installment, which makes me think something pretty serious goes down.

Question: For the love of everything that’s holy, please tell us that the Blind Item about the female character dying on a cable show is not Deb from Dexter. Jennifer Carpenter is so underrated. Her portrayal is realistic, intelligent, and I truly connect with her because of her astounding acting ability. She’s half the reason I watch the show. —Shannon
Ausiello: Relax, it’s not Deb. The character I’m referring to is on a show with more than one word in the title.

Question: I am totally loving Ringer. It’s my favorite show out of all the new stuff on. But one thing I did not get: why is it called Ringer? I am German but I consider my English quite OK. Nevertheless, I really don’t get that name. What does that show have to do with ringers, or rings, or calls or whatever? Please help me out, sir! —Ricardo
Ausiello: As established via flashback in the pilot, Bridget and Siobhan were born inside a Verizon store on the Upper East Side. That led the media to dub them the “Ringer Twins.” Quick, someone ask me how Hart of Dixie got its name! (Take your time; I’m here all week.)

Question: May I please have a Ringer scoop? —Trista
Ausiello: A major character is about to take his/her last breath.

Question: Any scoop on Homeland? —Ekram
Ausiello: This Sunday, all eyes — and phone traces, and street cameras — are on a new target as the CIA  attempts to capture Brody’s presumed-dead pal, Tom Walker. But by the end of the hour, we’ll learn Walker and Brody have something — or someone — else in common. Translation: Don’t be so quick to remove Brody from the list of suspects.

Question: Any scoop on 90210‘s Liam and Annie? — Sumaiyah
Ausiello: As individuals? Yep! Liam throws the gang a big Thanksgiving dinner and gets an unexpected visitor: his mom! Ten bucks says she’s looking to get her hands on some of that modeling moolah. Speaking of the almighty buck, Annie will finally get her inheritance — but all that whoring around she did might come back to haunt her when the police catch wind of the campus escort ring.

Question: I need a Happy Endings scoop! — Beau
Ausiello: Brace yourself for an utterly amahzing Valentine’s Day… which will be the exact opposite of amahzing for two members of the gang. While Penny struggles to put off dumping her new and very annoying boyfriend du jour until after Feb. 14, Dave becomes so convinced that his hot new girlfriend is planning the same fate for him that he ruins her sextra-special plan for him. (How sextra-special? She was gonna invite a hot gal pal to join them in bed — that sextra-special.) At the same time, Brad plays with fire by trying to conceal from his buxom dental hygienist the fact that he’s married. Something tells me that there’s no amount of laughing gas in the world that will make that seem funny to Jane…

Question: I’m in total denial about Community, NBC, and whatever is going on with the midseason schedule. Instead, I would desperately love some scoop on my new favorite pairing, Abed/Annie! Any more kisses/pseudo-romantic role-playing on the horizon? —Rachel
Ausiello: The new roomies will be making war not love when Annie ruins one of Abed’s prized possessions. Hmm… it’s gotta be either his Spacetime action figure or the limited-edition Cougar Town Penny Can he got from Busy.[/ask_ausiello_show]

[ask_ausiello_hide]Question: My Aushole is twitching for some Supernatural scoop about Sam and Dean. Can you make the twitching stop? —Casey
Ausiello: Twitching Aushole? I think there’s a support group for that. Moving on… check out the following casting notice that just landed on my desk and tell me if you’re thinking what I’m thinking: “Lydia is in her late 20s, is striking and attractive. She picks up a man and has a sizzling one-night stand with him. But afterwards, she’s cold and indifferent — could that be because she’s part of a strange cult?” I’ve got a better question: Is the name of the man in question Sam or Dean? (Is that what you were thinking?!)[/ask_ausiello_hide]

[ask_ausiello_show]Question: I was sad that young Moira was not in American Horror Story‘s two-part Halloween episode. Any sexy spoiler for her? —Joanne
Ausiello: TV’s sluttiest maid ever returns this week to pleasure a potential buyer (played by Homeland‘s Amir Arison). But his plans for the haunted house might spell the end of Moira and her fellow ghosts.

Question: I am head-over-heels in love with American Horror Story, and the mystery of the murder house has helped to fill the hole that’s been in my heart since Lost went off the air. Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top — anything to share? —Paige
Ausiello: Prepare to learn a lot more about Larry the Burn Guy in this Wednesday’s episode, including deets on his romantic history with Constance and the horrible thing he once did for her. Elsewhere, Vivien gets some shocking news about her unborn demon spawn (or should we say spawns).

Question: I’m dying for new a new Gossip Girl spoiler. Please tell me something good about Chuck and Blair! —Tina
Ausiello: You do not want to miss the show’s fall finale on Dec. 5. Trust me. When I spoke to EP Josh Safran a few weeks back, he described the hour as “a tense one” — and man, he wasn’t kidding. (Speaking of GG, did you see this?!)

Question: Any scoop on Grimm? —Farsia2010
Ausiello: Get ready for the Fight Club episode! The freshman thriller is looking for an actor in his early 40s to play a parole officer by day/organizer of a gladiator-style Grimm creature fight club by night.

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