Thanksgiving Feast: What Are You Grateful for This TV Season? Let Us Know!

For some, Thanksgiving is a time of friends, family and (far too much) food. For us, it’s also a time to praise the heck out of a little thing called television. Be it the shows, the stars or some quirky little “a-mah-zing” catchphrase born of the two, TV and all it encompasses makes the world a happier place — and for that we are grateful.

Here’s where you come in : Shoot an email to TVLine (at feedback@tvline.com) or use the Contact Us page to share what you are thankful for this TV season and why — and don’t mince words! If your love of Suburgatory knows no bounds, fill us in on all the deets. (For example, “Jeremy Sisto is like a fine wine: He just gets better with age — yum” will do the trick.)

If The CW is more your speed, “Sarah Michelle Gellar can ring(er) my bell anytime” works. Of course, something slightly less embarrassing will also suffice, but humiliating confessions are always welcome.

We’re turning off the Comments section, so again — email feedback@tvline.com or use the Contact Us page, putting “THANKSGIVING” in the Subject Line. Once we’ve received a batch of your TV shout-outs, we’ll share them into a holiday-themed photo gallery — silly quotes and all!

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