Family Guy's 9/11 Satire: Did It Go Too Far?

The envelope. Viewers’ buttons. Its own luck. Family Guy has pushed ’em all, and, in tonight’s episode, the Fox hit may even have pushed them all at once.

During a routine trip back in time with Stewie, Brian tips off his past self about 9/11 so that the old him can play hero and stop the terrorist attacks (with catch phrases, no less). But his good deed doesn’t go unpunished: He accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that leads to a Civil War and a videogame-y sort of apocalypse.

In turn, this forces Stewie to flash them back in time again (and again) so that they can make sure that 9/11 actually occurs. At one point, so many Brians and Stewies wind up in the same place and time that they are able to take a vote: Should they intervene in 9/11 or let it happen?

“Let it happen” wins, resulting in high fives. (Even Stewie acknowledges that, out of context, that isn’t gonna look good.)

So what did you think? Did the show go too far? Or is all fair in a comedy that features an alcoholic dog, a baby sociopath and a time machine? Sound off below!

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