CSI: NY First Look Video: Danny and Flack (Absolutely Do Not) Meet Their Match!

This Friday’s episode of CSI: NY (CBS, 9/8c) finds Danny and Flack facing their toughest foe ever…

OK, not really. It’s just a department store security guard, but he (and his tendency to get easily winded) does set up one of the show’s funniest scenes in recent memory.

Watch a couple of New York’s finest chase down saunter after a suspect — following a rousing round of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” — in our exclusive sneak peek. (Spoiler Alert: Flack and Danny don’t even break a sweat. The same cannot be said for the aforementioned rent-a-cop.)

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Above and beyond “Paul Blart” here, CSI: NY‘s guest stars this week include Jason Wiles (Third Watch) and Beau Garrett (Criminal MInds: Suspect Behavior).