The TVLine-Up: 5 Web Series Worth Watching

Diablo Cody channels her inner, edgier James Lipton with guest Amanda Seyfried. Pawnee’s cutest couple hits the road, while Seth Meyers demonstrates an ability to Auto-Tune his own voice. Plus, a government agent quits his job so he can focus more on homework… and girls.

Aim High | Nick quits his after school government operative job, then uses IM to get back into Amanda’s good graces. The episode concludes with who’s-the-baby-daddy drama. Oh, kids today.

7 Minutes in Heaven | Saturday Night Live‘s Seth Meyers has no qualms about resting his tongue on Mike O’Brien’s top lip. He also considers himself snugly. Useful information if you ever find yourself on a date with Meyers.

Red Band Trailer | In Time‘s Amanda Seyfried visits Diablo Cody’s Airstream and recalls how ridiculously excited she was to audition with Lacey Chabert for a role in Mean Girls.

Dragon Age: Redemption | In this penultimate episode, Tallis’ motley crew continues the hunt for Saarebas. Young Josmael mysteriously slips away from the group while the Templar reveals a big secret.

Parks & Recreation: Road Trip | This web series follows the misadventures of Pawnee’s Andy and April as they trek across America in search of that mountain with the presidential heads, yet end up at the equally majestic Grand Canyon. NBC.com had me at Andy and April. The peacock network’s website released all five webisodes as a companion to last week’s uber-sweet “End of the World” episode.

Which of the above shows is a must-see for you? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!

Note: This column features web series currently releasing new episodes. So, don’t get your ironic t-shirts in a bunch, Guild fans.

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