Secret Circle Preview: Trouble for Charles and Dawn, Ethan's New Role and More Death Ahead

After the fall finale of The Secret Circle airs this Thursday (The CW, 9/8c), viewers will be left with a few big cliffhangers to torture them during the break. What might they be? And how torturous might they make the wait? TVLine took a sneak peek at the episode, then talked with executive producer Andrew Miller and star Gale Harold to get some scoop to tide you over until the show’s return on Jan. 5.

HOW DO YOU SPELL DISASTER? | Charles’ spell will continue to a do a number on Jane, who will get increasingly foggy. “It’s going to cause immediate problems for [Charles and Dawn],” previews Miller. As precarious as the situation is for those two, it could be even worse for Cassie. “The last family member she has is drifting away from her, and it will affect her drastically.” Speaking of Charles and Dawn and their recent screw-ups…

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MOMMIE DEAREST | Someone has taken notice of the grownups’ behavior: Charles’ mother (played by Stepfanie Kramer). “She’s pissed,” says Harold. “And she’s very good at covering that.” Not to mention, she’s a very powerful Elder, “maybe more powerful than we’ve seen with Henry and Jane… [She] will have certain abilities to sense things,” adds Miller. Mom will also have something to stay about Charles’ parenting skills or lack thereof.

FRESH MEAT | The estrogen-heavy show is getting a dose of testosterone. “There are more hot guys coming,” laughs Miller. “They’re in a bus right now. They’re coming in from Friday Night Lights.” He may have been joking around, but an FNL sexpot really is coming. As we first reported, Grey Damon is headed to Chance Harbor as “a very dangerous guy,” previews the EP. “He’s confident and cocky and has a different kind of power than we’ve seen. One of our characters will be drawn to him in a way that could prove dire for some of our other characters.”

LOVE TRIANGLE | With Melissa’s cousin providing a “nice distraction” for Diana, Adam will finally start to let it sink in that it’s really over between them. That means good things for the Adam and Cassie fans. “He’ll have no choice but to say, ‘There’s a girl that people keep talking about me being destined to be with,’” reveals Miller. “’What does that mean? If nothing’s going to happen with [Diana], maybe I should look at the short, blonde girl?’”

A NEW THIRD WHEEL | As Nick’s death continues to impact Charles and Dawn, they’ll be forced to seek out support from an unlikely friend: Ethan Conant. “He’ll become a player in this power struggle,” teases Miller. Meanwhile, the kids will start to wise up and suspect that their parents aren’t so clueless about their witchy behavior in the “next few episodes, and especially revving up to 13.”

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BACK TO THE PAST | Wondering what happened 16 years ago? It doesn’t seem like flashbacks are on tap, but Miller does offer up this: “We are exploring ways to experience that past in what I think are really, really exciting, interesting ways in the very near future. Pretty soon on the heels of the new year, we’ll start to see more of the past than we’ve seen thus far.” Harold jokingly adds for fans of The Vampire Diaries, “That whole event was documented on cave drawings.” And despite recently straying from the L.J. Smith novels on which the show is based, Miller promises that the next batch of episodes will embrace the books more, especially as the show delves into the past. “Like in the books, there’s history there about their kids all being born in the same year that we’ll start to explore,” he offers.

SPECIAL GUEST STAR: THE GRIM REAPER | Fans may need to get out their tissues again. Magic may prove fatal for someone before the season’s over. “When you start playing around with this stuff, you’re going to get burned,” warns Miller, adding, “There are deaths coming.”

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