Bones Preview: 5 Things You Need to Know About the New Squintern

When Bones killed off Vincent Nigel-Murray last season (R.I.P., chap), the door was held open for a new squintern at the Jeffersonian. And the winner is… the super-smart, uber-Southern Finn Abernathy, who arrives in this Thursday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c). Here, TVLine gets his portrayer, Luke Kleintank, to reveal the five things you need to know about the sweet but troubled newbie.

HE’S A GOOD SOUTHERN BOY | Kleintank describes his character as “a good ol’ boy from the hills” who just happens to have a love of forensic anthropology. And did we mention that he’s Southern? Put it this way: If Daisy is very neurotic and Clark was very private, then Finn is very Southern. But Kleintank had no problem slipping into the role. “I have family from Kentucky and Ohio,” he explains. “I just tapped right into some of my Southern roots.”

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HE’S GOT A PAST | Finn comes to the Jeffersonian with a record, which will “cloud some of the doctors’ minds,” previews the actor. “They’re not going to want him around.” But who can resist that face, especially when country-fried sayings like “Easier than flipping a flapjack standing on your forehead” come out of it? No one for long! Finn’s “very, very sweet,” insists Kleintank. “He wants people to respect him.”

HE’S GOT SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH BRENNAN AND BOOTH | Like the forensic anthropologist and the FBI agent, Finn has a history of abuse. “That is a middle ground for everyone to relate,” says Kleintank. “I fee like their relationship could grow just through that.” Bones, in particular, will form a connection with Finn, especially after she finds out that she inadvertently saved his life as a youngster. “He was in a very bad place before she came in and rescued him,” the actor reveals. “He didn’t have a family growing up, so this is his newfound family.”

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FINN AND HODGINS ARE THE NEW DYNAMIC DUO | Wendell, you are well and truly adored, but we think Hodgins might have a new favorite squintern. Like most love stories, this one begins with dislike. “At first, they butt heads a lot,” Kleintank says. Luckily, Finn knows the way to Hodgins’ heart – it involves puke! – and quickly wins him over, giving birth to an awesome new duo. “He has a comedic aspect with Hodgins,” describes the actor. “They become best buds.”

THE OTHER SQUINTERNS SHOULD BE WORRIED | If Brennan ever decides to hire just one intern, Finn’s got a pretty good shot at the gig. Although he may seem “very, very illiterate at some points,” says Kleintank, “he’s on point and he’s focused. He knows his stuff.” And there are plans to bring him back for another episode, so watch your backs… um, other squinterns.

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