The Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan Previews His Mystic Falls Homecoming: 'There Will Be Blood'

It’s Homecoming season on this Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries (airing at 8/7c on The CW). But while the Mystic Falls gang will be in for a treat thanks to a special appearance by My Morning Jacket, they’ll also have the unfortunate task of trying to kill the man who booked the band: The dastardly hybrid Klaus.

TVLine caught up with Klaus’ portrayer, Joseph Morgan, to chat about his adventures in party-planning, “epic” showdown with Mikael and plans for newbie hybrid Tyler.

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TVLINE | It’s been a while since we’ve seen Klaus in the present day. What has he been up to?
Obviously, something got him incredibly scared of Mikael. As we learned in the last episode, Mikael is Klaus’s stepfather, and the two of them have a long-running feud. So in terms of what Klaus has been doing, he’s been amassing some protection. He’s been getting himself ready for an inevitable confrontation with this vampire who feeds on vampires. It’ll take a lot to bring Klaus back to Mystic Falls. But if he does come back, he’s going to come fully loaded. He’s going to come ready.

TVLINE | But Klaus does come back in this week’s episode. What prompts that?
There’s a plan being concocted by some of the Mystic Falls regulars to lure Klaus back, so that they can have a crack at destroying him again. In his mind, he was always going to come back. There’s a huge, huge Homecoming party — hence the suits that everyone’s dressed in — which is actually thrown by Klaus.

TVLINE | Klaus throws the Homecoming dance?
Something goes wrong with the [original] Homecoming party, so Klaus steps in as a friend of Tyler’s. [He] throws a huge, huge party to generate more popularity for Tyler, and also because it appeals to his ego and [allows him] to play to a crowd.

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TVLINE | So he’s got a potential career as a party planner?
[Laughs] I’m not sure I would say that. If he could fit it in between ripping out hearts and breaking necks, maybe he’d plan a few weddings or something. I just know everything is decadent with Klaus. So really, if you imagine that kind of guy throwing a party, he really spares no expense. I mean, he managed to hire My Morning Jacket on very short notice. He obviously has some connections there.

TVLINE | Last week, Rebekah found out Klaus killed their mother. How is that going to affect their relationship? Is she going to turn against him?
I imagine she’s going to be pretty upset with him. It’s probably the most devastating piece of information that her character has ever received. It will definitely have some dramatic ripples and effects on Klaus. And heaven help him when someone pulls the dagger out of Elijah and he finds out.

TVLINE | Please pull that dagger out soon, by the way.
Yeah, I know. I hope they do that soon as well. I’m desperate for them to pull out the dagger. I’m telling them, “I’ll do it myself, if no one else does.”

TVLINE | How would you describe the confrontation between Klaus and Mikael in this week’s episode?
It’s a thousand years in the making, so it’s going to be huge. The whole season so far, they’ve really ramped up the action and tried to really make it more and more dramatic and epic. This episode won’t disappoint. It will be a huge, huge confrontation. There are talks aplenty. There are lots of different people getting involved. There will be blood. It’s going to go down.

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TVLINE | They are both so powerful. Is Klaus capable of killing his stepfather?
Either of them is capable of killing the other, really. I suppose it just depends on who has the greater plan and the weapon and the means to do it. They’re both incredibly hard to kill. There’s potential for it to go either way. You just never know what’s going to happen on this show.

TVLINE | Is there an emotional struggle for Klaus, too, in not wanting to kill one of his only remaining family members, even though they have a pretty contentious relationship?
Absolutely. It is possible to hate and love someone at the same time. That’s very much the relationship. Klaus was desperate for the appreciation and attention and blessing of his father. That was incredibly difficult for him growing up, feeling hated and ostracized like that, and so there’s an incredible emotional attachment to seeing his father again and having that meeting. Whatever action takes place, the emotional confrontation is infinitely more interesting.

TVLINE | Where does Tyler fit into Klaus’ hybrid race plan? And is it really all just because he’s lonely?
It’s two things. One is he’s incredibly lonely. He wants a family. He doesn’t understand that friendships aren’t built on fear, and so he’s siring this race of hybrids to be his surrogate family. The second thing is that he’s protecting himself. He’s building an army. He knows Mikael is coming. That’s why he fled at the end of Episode 5. He’s trying to put a wall of soldiers between himself and whoever wants to come and have a go. So it’s really a bit of both.

TVLINE | That does not sound good for Tyler.
[Laughs] Well, nothing is ever great for anybody who gets involved with [Klaus], is it? It’s always a bit difficult. He really doesn’t place too much value on his friends. One is as good as another, you know?