Chris Gorham Previews His New Covert Affairs Romance and a Shift Ahead for Auggie/Annie

If you lamented that Covert Affairs‘ midseason premiere was a little Auggie-lite, have no fear. This Tuesday (USA Network, 10/9c), while Annie is tracking a money launderer to Berlin, Auggie finds time to tend to his personal affairs — namely, as regards the sister of one of his fallen unit members. Chris Gorham shared with TVLine a look at the new spark about to light up Auggie’s life and teased a big shift coming in the Auggie/Annie dynamic.

TVLINE | First, I wanted to say that Auggie put up a helluva fight against Peter Bishop in our Law-Enforcement Crushes bracket tournament. You only lost 47 percent to 53 percent.
[Laughs] Hey, those are respectable numbers. Those are respectable numbers. I was highly impressed with my [Twitter] Followers.

TVLINE | The last time we spoke, you had just gotten back from a location shoot in Istanbul. Where has the show taken you to since?
We just got back from a trip to Venice, Berlin and Stockholm – back-to-back-to-back, about three nights in each place. The Venice stuff was all for the fall premiere, the Berlin footage is in [this week’s] episode, and Stockholm is in our [Season 2] finale.

TVLINE | And you’re, what, making videos of these trips for the USA Network site?
That’s the reason I was on the trip, because Auggie doesn’t appear in any of the footage from those locations. The network hired me to go along and shoot behind-the-scenes video and stills, to use on the website. For Istanbul, they gave me camera and it went over really well. This time we did it just a bit bigger.

TVLINE | So, Auggie gets a new girlfriend this week….
He does, yeah. Devin Kelley (The Chicago Code) plays Parker, who is the sister of one of the guys from Auggie’s unit that was killed in that mission we saw [in flashback]. It’s potentially a very complicated relationship, and it’s certainly unexpected for him.
TVLINE | I understand that they hook up despite their best intentions.
Exactly. They meet at a memorial for her brother Billy — you may remember that he was the first one killed on that Iraq mission, and he’s the guy who got Auggie into jazz. Auggie is hesitant to go, but Annie actually talks him into going. And while he’s there, he meets Parker, and they have a really great conversation. They have something kind of “tricky” in common, so they relate on that level.

TVLINE | This isn’t one of those cases where she’s secretly an embedded enemy spy named Svetlana — right?
Not as far as I know, no. [Laughs] She’s been accepted to be a part of the Peace Corps, so part of this arc is them dealing with this apparent expiration date on the relationship — and as we get towards the end of it, deciding whether or not that’s actually going to be the case.

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TVLINE | You and I joke about how Auggie does so damn well with the ladies. Do you think he’s got it in him to settle down with one someday? Is there a reason he hasn’t yet?
I think he definitely has it in him. I think he’s still working through some stuff, and it’s going to take definitely the right person. Auggie is great to date casually. But to have a relationship with him would be difficult, because his job has become such a part of his personality, with the secret-keeping and the way he withholds all kinds of information for sometimes seemingly no reason. I think that would get really frustrating in a long-term relationship, especially for a woman who doesn’t know what he does or doesn’t understand what he does.

TVLINE | Unless he “reads her in.”
Which is something he would be loath to do, just by nature.

TVLINE | In this half of the season, are there any moments playing with the Auggie-Annie chemistry?
Well, something happens in this fall season that really kind of changes everything for Annie, and then also really shifts Annie and Auggie’s relationship. I don’t want to give away what it is, but it definitely changes things going into Season 3.

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TVLINE | Is Jai’s new position of authority felt by Auggie at all?
It is, actually. There are some great Auggie and Jai interactions in these six episodes, where you get to see a little bit more of their relationship and how they do or do not work well together going forward.

TVLINE | Yet professionally, Auggie seems content. He was offered the big office with the great view, but that simply wasn’t for him.
Yeah, he is happy, but I think this relationship with Parker stirs something in him that has been dormant for a while. There is something emotional, something in his personal journey that he has to take one more look at.