Glee's Chris Colfer on Kurt and Blaine's 'First Time,' Showing Skin and Romance With Karofsky

Chris Colfer is kissing and telling about this Tuesday’s top-notch episode of Glee that finds Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) rounding the bases together for the first time. But the poignant hour isn’t all about S-E-X. It’s also about awkward reunions (welcome back, Karofsky!), new villains (hello there, Sebastian!) and brand new sets (gay bar!). The Emmy nominee weighs in on all of the above and answers the most asked question in the Klaine community. Yes, I’m talking about that question.  

TVLINE | Over the summer you told me you were going to pitch [Glee co-creator] Ryan Murphy a Kurt/Blaine story that had never been told on TV before. Was this the story? 
No. I’m still pitching. [Laughs] My story might be a little too controversial.

TVLINE | Can you say yet what that story is?
No, I don’t want to jinx it. But trust me, you’ll know. Your jaw will hit the floor.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you read the script for this week’s episode, “The First Time?”
Prior to getting the script Ryan approached Darren and I and told us that they were doing a virginity episode, and Darren and I just kind of looked at each other with wide eyes like, “Huh? What?’ And while we always have faith in the writers, we were a little skeptical. But then we got the script and shot it and everything was fine. What I thought could be raunchy and over-the-top was just very sweet and emotional. That’s kind of how it is with Glee. Ryan will come up and tell me they’re [tackling] this big, sensitive issue and I’ll freak out. But then I have no reason to freak out because it’s always handled really well.

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TVLINE | This is arguably the most intimate you and Darren have been together — as characters and as actors. Was it awkward?
Not really. We just kind of dove in. People always make a big deal about a kissing scene or a love scene, but it really isn’t. You have to realize it’s you, another actor and a room full of 40 crew members.

TVLINE | When fans heard that I had screened the episode in advance they bombarded me on Twitter with very specific questions about the love scene. 
[Sigh] I know.

TVLINE | Specifically, they wanted to know if you were shirtless during it. I broke the bad news to them that you were wearing a shirt. 
[Laughs] I was totally [prepared] to have to do a shirtless scene. Or at least wear like a tank [top] or something. I even asked if I could wear a tank and they said no.

TVLINE | Did they say why?
I think having two gay guys having sex on television was enough. They didn’t want to [reveal] a bunch of skin on top of it. I was like, “I want to wear a tank! Let me wear a tank!” [Ultimately], I wore a T-shirt.

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TVLINE | My favorite scene in the episode was the one between Kurt and Karofsky [Max Adler] at the gay bar.
That was absolutely my favorite scene as well.

TVLINE | What did you like about it?
First, I was excited because I never actually shot a scene at a bar before. And there are just so many cool things you can do as an actor: you can grab your drink, you can play with a cherry, you can lean on the bar, you can lean on a stool. I loved that. And also it was great to see that character again and see what happened to [him]. The honesty behind [Karofsky] is kind of heartbreaking. That’s his life now. That grungy bar is the place where he found acceptance.

TVLINE | There’s a small segment of the Glee fan base pushing for a Kurt/Karofsky romance. And I have to say, after watching that scene, I kind of get it.
I think it’s a great idea. I think people love Kurt and Blaine so much that they would never stray from that. But maybe if Blaine and Kurt take a break that would be a great alternative. I would like to see that happen.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, the episode also marked the introduction of the first real threat for Kurt and Blaine: Sebastian.
Oh my God. I was so excited. When I found out that there was a character coming in to try and take Blaine away from Kurt my first thought was, “Why does nobody ever love Kurt? Why does nobody love me. Why does nobody ever pursue Kurt?” My second thought was that I was so excited that there was something coming up between Kurt and Blaine besides the puppy-dog love scenes they’ve been in since Season 2. I was so excited there was some kind of drama. I got to play Kurt in a territorial light, which I was excited about. I like Sebastian. I like his presence.

TVLINE | What kind of threat will he be moving forward?
We’ll see. I think Sebastian is one of those very promiscuous, driven characters that once they have their eyes on something they don’t give up easily. Let me just say this won’t be the last time we’ll see Sebastian try and steal Blaine.