Exclusive: Dexter Boss on the Shocking Return of [Spoiler Alert]!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Sunday’s jaw-dropping installment of Dexter, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

“You can’t be a hero and a killer…it doesn’t work that way!”

The horrific death of Brother Sam in Sunday’s Dexter galvanized the titular character’s Dark Passenger, sparking a reunion with one of his most formidable antagonists to date: his older (and very much dead) brother, Brian “Ice Truck Killer” Moser. In the following Q&A, showrunner Scott Buck teases what lies ahead for Dexter and his serial-killing sibling, reveals how long actor Christian Camargo will be sticking around, and explains what all of this means for James Remar’s deadbeat dad/guardian angel Harry.

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TVLINE | It’s hard to believe Christian’s return didn’t leak! How did this all come about?
It’s actually something we’ve been talking about over the course of several seasons. We were just always looking for the right opportunity to do it. We know that [Brian Moser reappearing] is really something we can only do once, so we really didn’t want to waste it. We were looking to create the exact right story and situation, and it finally presented itself. We were very happy to bring Christan back into the fold.

TVLINE | What was his reaction to being invited back after a five-season hiatus?
He actually went out of his way to do this. Christian was set to direct a movie at the time, so he completely broke his schedule to fit us in. We’re very thankful for that.

TVLINE | Given the nature of tonight’s final scene, the assumption would be that Brian is now the alterna-Harry within Dexter’s mind, and that he’s servicing his Dark Passenger instead of cautioning against it. Is that accurate?
That is pretty accurate. Harry very much represents a code to Dexter and this is now a new serial killer alter-ego who has no code, so it potentially sets Dexter in a direction that Harry would never allow him to go.

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TVLINE | What does Brian’s appearance mean for Harry?
Harry’s certainly not gone. He comes back very quickly and in a very strong way. This all just emphasizes how important Harry and his code really are to who Dexter is. Those things are meant to keep him on the path of being a “good serial killer,” if there is such a thing. [Laughs]

TVLINE | So, Brian is purely around to channel Dexter’s darkest desires?
This is obviously a very limited appearance on Christian’s part, but he comes back [to the show] in a strong and dynamic way and leaves in an equally dynamic way. That said, yes, he takes Dexter down a dark journey.

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