Fringe Cast Previews Peter's Return: 'It's Certainly Not the Reunion He Wished For'

He’s back! Peter Bishop has returned to Fringe, and there will be plenty of fallout starting with this Friday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c). What does this homecoming mean for the members of the Fringe division? And how has Peter’s absence changed them? TVLine got the scoop  from the cast on each character’s reaction, during a Vancouver set visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV.

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OLIVIA | Once star-crossed lovers, Olivia now has no recollection of Peter. “He’s never existed and doesn’t exist in this universe, so it’s certainly not the reunion Peter would be wishing for,” says Anna Torv. In many ways, adjusting to the new order of things will be more difficult for Peter than Olivia or the rest of the Fringe Division. “He’s the one entering this world… whereas Walter and Olivia and Astrid have made do,” explains Torv. “This is how we’ve always known [life] to be.” Among the changes Peter will have to contend with is Lincoln Lee’s presence, even if it’s only in a professional capacity. “Lincoln’s here to stay,” declares Torv of the agent who is now Olivia’s partner. “I’m interested to see what happens there because all of a sudden, there is another man in Olivia’s life.” Meanwhile, for those holding out hope for a miraculous baby Henry appearance, Torv warns, “There’s no possible way that Henry could happen in this timeline, because Altlivia never met Peter.”

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LINCOLN | Although he’s new to our Fringe team, Agent Lee has an important role to play in the story of Peter’s return. As Walter’s only young, male connection in the interim, Seth Gabel believes Lincoln is “the perfect placeholder and possibly bridge for Walter ultimately being able to accept this Peter that’s come back into his life.” (Plus, Lincoln and Peter totally get along!) But…

WALTER | “[Lincoln is] not Walter’s son,” insists John Noble. “It will never be that beautiful, emotional entanglement that you got [with Peter and Walter] in Season 1 or 2.” Not that the agent and Walter can’t have a perfectly pleasant relationship of their own. “He might learn to respect Seth’s character and use him as a sidekick, like he did with Astrid.” As for his real son, Noble says their relationship “might” get back to that so-called beautiful entanglement later in the season. “If Walter acknowledges this is his son from a different dimension, who knows?” he muses.

ASTRID | Although her character doesn’t have a clear reaction to Peter’s return, Jasika Nicole hopes there’s more to the story than it appears. “She has to be a piece of this puzzle,” posits the actress. “It has not been established yet, but according to the writers, it will be.”