Chuck First Look: Casey's Blast from the Past!

Carrie-Ann Moss has John Casey pretty Minsk’d off in a first look video clip TVLine has obtained from the second episode of Chuck‘s final season.

The set-up: In a bid to drum up business, the fledgling Carmichael Industries has just presented at a trade show for covert operatives and top-secret such-and-such. Their dogless and ponyless dog-and-pony show, however, is promptly upstaged by the flashy entrance of a rival espionage firm headed by Gertrude Verbanski (played by The Matrix‘s Moss).

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In the clip below, having been effectively neutered by their competition, the team regroups at home, where Casey airs his long-simmering beef with Verbanski. But could some other sort of “emotion” be hiding underneath all of his grumbling…? Tune into NBC’s Chuck this Friday at 8/7c for more.