Community Scoop: What the Heck Is 'Advanced Gay' About? Joel McHale Explains (Kind Of)

This Thursday’s episode of Community (NBC, 8/7c) is called “Advanced Gay,” and though amusingly titled, it doesn’t really reveal much at all about the plot.

With our interest sufficiently piqued, we sought out Joel McHale, hoping that Jeff’s portrayer could shed some light on this latest installment. His response? “‘Advanced Gay’ is incredible… so great. The funny thing is, the name sounds like the name of a class the group is taking and, in a way, it is a class.”

And… that was all he would say. But just when we thought he’d given up all there was to give, McHale concluded his insights with this scoopy gem: “OK, [the episode] is basically about the group discovering that the gay community loves Hawthorne Wipes.” Jackpot!

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Now here are a few more scooplets you should know about the jam-packed ep:

As TVLine first reported, Deadwood’s Larry Cedar will play Pierce’s presumed-dead father, Cornelius Hawthorne. (Fun fact: Cedar is actually 12 years younger than Chevy Chase.) Corny, as we at TVLine have dubbed him, is racist and offensive — kind of like his son, but worse.

• RuPaul’s Drag Race fan fave Shangela guest-stars as a drag queen who devoted an entire dance track to her love of Hawthorne Wipes.

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Jerry Minor (Saturday Night Live) returns as Greendale’s ever-present janitor and once again attempts to lure Troy into a life of plumbing.

John Goodman (finally!) puts in another appearance, as Vice Dean Laybourne courts Troy to study the art of air conditioning.

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Which “Advanced Gay” arc are you most excited to see on Community? Hit the comments!

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