The Bones Season 7 Premiere, In Review: 'Whatever Life We Want'

Fox’s Bones returned from its extended summer-slash-early fall hiatus on Thursday night to unfurl its much-awaited Season 7. That the new cycle of episodes was met with great expectation is in part due to the fact that Brennan and Booth are greatly expecting the baby whose existence was announced at the close of Season 6. When it comes to showing us a “new” B&B — meaning, coworkers in love — do you think Bones delivered?

Thursday Ratings: Bones Strong In Delayed Return

I rewatched the premiere in prep for this piece, and this time around the scene that hit me in the gut was in the restaurant, when Brennan took away from Booth any say in where they should live. “We’re family,” he pointed out. “Even you should know what that means.” “You’re angry,” Temp noted. Booth: “Yeah, I’m angry.”

That exchange, followed by how Brennan later backtracked on her stance, spoke loudly about how far the two have come and perhaps still need to go as they prepare to become three. As did the exchange of “I love you”s — a big step for Temp, obviously.

And the scene in the bed, at hour’s end, of course, was resplendent with sweet, funny moments.

But after so much waiting, we want to hear from you guys. So let me wrap up here with a few bulleted discussion topics and favorite quotes, then it’s all you. (I won’t be covering the case of the week, because of the first two episodes it was quite the clunker. Next week’s is much more compelling.)

• Do you think Brennan will indeed propose to Booth? And if so, how long will that take? (Series boss Hart Hanson recently said, “I wouldn’t in a million years want to say how long it would take [for the proposal]…. We can’t give away that.”)

• Do you think Angela (or viewers) will ever set eyes on “The Omelet Shot”?

• How cute was the Hodgela home video? And how cute is that baby?

• “Those memories don’t have to rule your life. Remember… the good times. Have that life.” Do Temperance and Angela have one of the best female friendships on TV, or what?

• “Lying here, I had time to think. Longer than I expected. You must have… run into traffic.”

• “Since I can always depend on you to assist when needed, whether practically, emotionally or… sexually….”

• “I thought [a treehouse] would make a great lab!”

• “We could have whatever life we want. You know that, right?”

• “It’s a fact that males usually prefer women they have to hunt for.” Well, how satisfying that this one hunt gave birth to such a fun, new dynamic.

• Where do you think Booth and Bones will end up living? Remember what David Boreanaz told TVLine: “It’s very funny. It’s not your normal place.”

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