Vampire Diaries Scoop: Original Vamp Claire Holt Previews This Week's 'Revealing' Flashback Ep

Flashback-crazed The Vampire Diaries is doing the time warp again.

This week’s episode (airing Thursday at 8/7c on The CW) travels back 1,000 years to Viking times and, not surprisingly, the hour promises to be a mythological bonanza.

“There’s going to be a lot revealed about the Original family and where we came from,” previews Claire Holt, who plays the newest Original vamp in Mystic Falls, Rebekah. For those keeping track at home, the clan also includes blonde, bad boy brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and dearly missed Elijah (Daniel Gillies, who returns in this week’s episode). We’ll also meet the Original mother, the powerful Esther (Alice Evans).

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“You get to see how [Rebekah] interacts with her family and what it was like back then,” continues Holt, who says the episode sheds light on “how her relationship with her brothers and how her relationship with Klaus developed. [You’ll see] why they became so close and why they are so loyal to each other.”

Perhaps it has something to do with Mikael, the big bad vampire that sends daggers of terror through even Klaus“You’ll learn that there’s a very good reason why they’re afraid of him,” teases Holt. “It has a lot to do with their history and why they are the way they are… He’s definitely a threat to them.”