Suburgatory Scoop: Tessa and Ryan... in Love?!

Tessa may have written off her fling with hottie-next-door Ryan Shay as a one-episode transgression on Suburgatory (Wednesdays, 8:30/7:30c on ABC), but word on the street is the unlikely couple may make another go of it later this season.

“Ryan kind of professes his love for Tessa [Jane Levy],” Ryan’s portrayer, Parker Young, tells TVLine. “He wants her back, so I’d say there’s definitely a chance Tessa goes back with Ryan.”

So what could possibly convince Tessa to reopen that “bag of chips”? We can think of six very good reasons, and Young gives us one more. “Her father, George (Jeremy Sisto), kind of takes Ryan under his wing and shows him the ropes,” Young reveals. “After a few lessons with George, Tessa might begin to see Ryan as a potential love interest again.”

In the meantime, Young says we can expect more of what we all love from Ryan: lots of awkward dancing — and very little clothing. “Every week it’s like, ‘Alright, give us some hip thrusts and horsey riding,'” Parker says. “For that barbecue episode, they pretty much told me to keep washing that car for five minutes without stopping. They called action and I just shook my butt, trying all these different things — drinking the water, scrubbing my abs, scrubbing the car — and it all sort of came together.”

Thoughts? Do you see super couple potential in Ryan and Tessa? Or does she deserve someone a little more IQ compatible? Hit the comments!

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