Revenge: Is There Any Hope for Emily and Jack? Emily VanCamp and Nick Wechsler Weigh In

Revenge‘s wholesome Jack Porter took an enormous leap of faith in last Wednesday’s episode by professing his love to the alluring Emily Thorne. Of course, unbeknownst to him, said Hamptons “It” girl is actually his childhood sweetheart Amanda Clarke, and yet that still doesn’t stop her from rejecting his advances.

So, what’s next for the star-crossed twosome? Is there any hope for a romantic reunion down the road?

“Look, Jack came right out and made a play for Emily, and she shot him down,” the character’s portrayer, Nick Wechsler, tells TVLine. “It was pretty heartbreaking for him, and so moving forward he is going to take a huge step back from her… It’s just a sore subject.”

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Leading lady Emily VanCamp adds that while the “undeniable connection” between the two “is completely valid,” don’t expect an actual relationship to develop anytime soon. “It was so hard for Emily to shut him down because there’s such a deep love there, but she’s decided to take it to the next level with Daniel (Josh Bowman), and you’ll soon realize just how committed she is to that relationship.”

Ah, yes, Daniel. The guy who was supposed to be Emily’s fake love interest, only now things have taken a turn for the serious. “She’s going to struggle with her feelings for Daniel because it really is terrible that she’s using him, but it soon becomes more than that.

“And then there’s always Jack,” she adds, playfully, “so she’s just in a tough position. Really.”

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Still, there are some memorable Jack/Emily moments in episodes to come. Wechsler says that the vengeance-seeking gal will soon come by his bar, The Stowaway, to “give Jack a gift — a mariner’s compass which she found in her attic — and while it’s really sweet, it just messes with him again.” (Translation: the aforementioned moments aren’t necessarily good ones.)

“[But] I bet something will happen between these two in this first season,” continues the actor with a laugh. “There has to be something. But the smart play [for the writers] is probably not to give too much Emily/Jack romance just yet.”

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