Chuck Boss Teases Sarah's 'Epic' Backstory, Bruised Bromance, a Blown-Out Finale and More!

The end is near, Chuck fans! In fact, it’s staring executive producer Chris Fedak in the face.

“Right now, we have Episode 13 on the board [in the writers room],” he shared during a Wednesday conference call with reporters. “It’s kind of like my panic attack that’s just waiting for me every day.”

The Chuck boss was coy about what exactly has found its way onto the board for that big series finale, but did reveal that plans are to “blow it out in a way we’ve never done before.”

So can fans expect closure? Or will the finale leave them with the hint of a new beginning? “In the past, I’ve always been a person who enjoys an ending that feels more like a prologue than an epilogue,” says Fedak. “Will we do that for the finale? That’s what we’re working on at the moment.”

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But the biggest question many fans are probably wondering is: Will someone die? “I’m always a little gun-shy about killing off characters,” he replies. “But then again, it is the finale season of the show. Everything will change by the end.”

Before the end comes, here’s what’s on tap for rest of this season:

CASEY MEETS HIS MATCH | Matrix maven Carrie-Anne Moss makes her debut in this Friday’s episode (airing at 8/7c on NBC) as Gertrude Verbanski, whose company is the competition to Chuck’s new private spy venture. But more frightening – in a delightful way! – is what Gertrude does to the stoic Casey, with whom she shares a past. “The chemistry between Adam [Baldwin] and Carrie-Anne is amazing,” raves Fedak. “In our third episode, we have a fight between the two of them, which is the most erotically charged thing we’ve ever done on the show.” Case in point:

COMPUTER WHIZ | Remember how saavy Chuck was with a PC when the show started? Prepare for the return of that “amazing computer guy” in the season’s fifth episode, “Chuck vs. the Hackoff,” directed by leading man Zachary Levi himself. “It’s probably one of the nerdier episodes we’ve ever done,” previews Fedak. “It’s got some amazing hacking sequences. We took our lead from Swordfish.”

SARAH WALKER, REVEALED | The Sarah Walker Fan Club may explode with joy after Episode 8, which features Cheryl Ladd (Charlie’s Angels) as the spy gal’s mom and Tim DeKay (White Collar) as her original handler. “For those fans who love Sarah Walker, it will be your favorite episode ever,” declares Fedak. “It is an amazing, epic story that reveals a lot of secrets about Sarah that you could never have imagined are actually back there.” And while it’s not one of the spy comedy’s funniest stories, it is a “jawdropping” adventure into “epicland,” Fedak reiterates.

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MORGAN’S ZOOM | Finding yourself frustrated by Morgan’s behavior as the new Intersect? That’s kind of the point. “It’s testing the bounds of the show,” explains Fedak. More precisely, it’s testing one of the show’s big relationships, which hasn’t changed much in four seasons. “The Chuck/Morgan bromance is very much at the heart and center of the show, and how Morgan getting the Intersect affects that is a real change for [us].” Prepare for an even more disturbing side of Morgan when things between Chuck and his pal come to “an amazing head” in Episode 3.

THE NEW JEFFSTER | “Everything will change inside the Buy More, especially in regards to Jeff and Lester,” teases Fedak. As a result, “we will not see [the band] for quite some time.” Here’s hoping these two find their way back to each other because it looks like Lester might become wayward without his other half. “By Episode 5,” Fedak warns, “we’re going to see Lester in prison.”

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AN AWESOME NEW JOURNEY | Sounds like a big move might be in store for Chuck’s sis and brother-in-law. “They’ve got big success in their future,” says Fedak of Ellie and Awesome. “It’s time for them to start making decisions about where they want to go and what they want to do… [For Ellie] is it time to cut the strings and not feel like she has to take care of her brother.”

CHUCK VS. THE LAST-MINUTE REPRIEVE? | Although Fedak and his team are “focused on delivering an epic finale” for the series, would they be up for more if the show was miraculously handed an extension? “If someone would offer me the chance to write more Chuck stories, I would always say yes to it because I love these characters,” says Fedak. But such a miracle would require some reworking in the writers room. “I don’t think about that bridge until I’m halfway across it,” he says, “and both sides are burning down.”

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