The Simpsons Exclusive First Look: Guest Chefs Serve Marge Food For Second Thoughts

If any character on The Simpsons was going to have a dream about food, c’mon! It would be Homer, right? In theory, yes.

But in Nov. 13’s “The Food Wife” episode — in which Marge starts blogging about her bigger half’s favorite subject with Bart and Lisa — the blue-haired matriarch is the one whose flight of fancy features the guest voices (and yellowed faces) of Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay (among others).

Perhaps not surprisingly, the dream turns into a nightmare that convinces Marge not to clue in her hungry, hungry hubby on her new sideline gig.

Want an exclusive sneak peek? Feast your eyes below and see if you can correctly ID all the celeb chefs in the image.

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