Greek Video: Watch the Series Finale That Wasn't!

When Greek‘s third season was coming to a close back in 2010, the future of the ABC Family charmer was nothing but a big ol’ question mark.

Thankfully, showrunner Sean Smith had the presence of mind to shoot a fitting alternate ending should the worst come to pass (cancellation!) and Cappie and Co. didn’t have a chance to graduate. And guess what? We just got our hands on the lost footage!

Of course, ABC Family eventually came to its senses and gave Greek a much-deserved fourth and final season — with an adorably perfect ending  — but what if the network hadn’t?

Exclusive Greek Post Mortem: The Show Is Over, But There’s Still More to See!

Following Cappie and Casey’s breakup on the Myrtle Beach boardwalk in the Season 3 finale, Greek would’ve jumped ahead two years to find the gang reuniting for Rusty’s graduation from Cyprus-Rhodes University. Someone would have been engaged to an outsider, while others would have ended up with very surprising significant others.

Take a look below at the dramedy’s “lost” series-ender, and then read on to find out where you can find even more never-before-seen Greek footage.

Greek‘s true final season is available now on DVD exclusively through Shout Factory DVD. Extras include a behind-the-scenes look at the emotional final day of filming as well as the actual destruction of the beloved KT house.

What do you think of the would-be end to the series? Would it have been satisfying enough? Do you prefer the way it went out in Season 4? Hit the comments!

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