The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Sunday

On your TV this Sunday: Witches, zombies, vampires, terrorists, Eli Gold and more. This is not a day the TV gods chose to rest, so here are a good 15 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm Once Upon a Time (ABC) | As Regina plots to force Emma out of Storybrooke, the chilling circumstances of how the Evil Queen released the curse upon the fairytale world is revealed. Read our Q&A with Kristin Bauer aka “Maleficent” here; watch first look clip here. (P.S. An encore of the pilot airs at 7/6c.)

8 pm The Amazing Race (CBS) | It’s an intense foot race to the first-ever Pit Stop in Malawi!

8 pm The Simpsons (Fox) | The 22nd annual “Treehouse of Horror” includes riffs on 127 Hours and Avatar. Watch a video sneak peek.

8:30 pm Allen Gregory (Fox) | Series premiere: A well-heeled, pretentious and overly mature 7-year-old (voiced by Jonah Hill) is forced to fit in at a regular elementary school.

Matt’s Inside Line: Details on Dexter Vet Jennifer Carpenter’s Good Wife Role

9 pm The Good Wife (CBS) | Eli asks Kalinda to investigate — OK, “vet” — his politically ambitious ex-wife (played by Parker Posey). Watch a video sneak peek.

9 pm The Walking Dead (AMC) | Shane and Otis struggle to return with the medical supplies; the search for Sophia continues; someone finally hurls; a closing flashback sequence makes you look at one character in a rather different light.

9 pm Dexter (Showtime) | The search for the Doomsday Killers takes Dex in a new direction; departmental regulations force Debra to begin therapy.

9 pm Boardwalk Empire (HBO) | Nucky orchestrates a risky liquor delivery; Jimmy finds a new mentor in the Commodore’s longtime lawyer (played by Dominic Chianese aka The Sopranos‘ Uncle Junior).

9 pm Desperate Housewives (ABC) | Gaby, Bree and Lynette aim to exhume and move Alejandro’s body; not to be outdone by Tom’s new girlfriend, Lynette tries to make a homemade Halloween costume for Penny.

9 pm The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs (Food Network) | This all-star edition’s cast of 10 includes Anne Burrell, Robert Irvine and Michael Chiarello.

9 pm The Cleveland Show (Fox) | Donna forces Cleveland and Rallo to spend the night in a haunted house; a new friend of Cleveland’s goes on a murderous rampage; Roberta’s in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf; the family covers The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” (OK, now that’s scary.)

Showtime Renews Homeland for a Second Season

10 pm Homeland (Showtime) | When Brody confronts his sole surviving captor and torturer, it will either confirm Carrie’s theory… or raise new questions. I’m voting “B.”

10 pm Pan Am (ABC) | As Maggie reflects back on the rocky path she took to land her dream job, the lengths she goes to keep it surprise even her; Kate juggles her deepening relationship with Niko (guest star Goran Visnjic) with her assignment.

10 pm CSI: Miami (CBS) | In a deserted mansion, the CSIs find a body hanging that appears to have been killed by a vampire. Diane Farr (Numb3rs) guest stars as a Stephenie Meyer-type author.

10 pm Hung (HBO) | Lydia takes Ray and Tanya on a ride they will never forget; Lenore confronts Jason about missing a date with a client.

Whew, that’s a lot! (Not even including the ol’ football.) What will you be watching Sunday night?

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