Google Unveils YouTube's New Custom Channels (Including TVLine's Parent Company)

YouTube is changing the game yet again.

After months of speculation, the Google-owned video behemoth confirmed late Friday that it’s launching 100 custom video channels featuring original content produced by the likes of Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler, Tony Hawk and — wait for it — TVLine’s parent company, Penske Media Corporation!

The PMC channel, titled Penske Entertainment, will be the sole purveyor of entertainment news, using content from TVLine.com and our sister sites Deadline.com, HollywoodLife.com and Movieline.com.

For a complete list of the channels, which will begin rolling out in the coming months, click here. In the meantime, hit the comments with title suggestions for my new talk show (and Canceled After One Week is already taken, har har har). Some ideas I’m batting around:

* Live with Michael and Keri
* Live with Michael and Connie
* Live with Michael and Mariska
* Live with Michael and Kristen
* Live with Michael and Lauren
* Drinking Live with Michael and the Cast of Cougar Town
* Antiques Roadshow: Smurfs
* AS-P Presents Classic Gilmore Girls Scene Reenactments
* Asterisk Quiz Show
* Swag Hoarders
* Who’s The Biggest Aushole?