World Series Forces Fringe to Sit the Bench

In another timeline, the Youngstown Buckeyes beat the Kansas City Royals last night in Game 6 of the World Series.

But in the reality we here live in, Game 7 of the Rangers-Cards showdown will air tonight on Fox, forcing Fringe — featuring the now extra-long-awaited return of Peter Bishop — to ride the pine.

UPDATE: And no, CityTV will not be broadcasting the new Fringe episode in Canada, my peer at TV Guide Canada tells me.

The Cardinals’ good news of a final lifeline is also bad news for NBC’s Chuck, which will now premiere its final season against the deciding game of the Fall Classic. Likewise, NBC’s Grimm (at 9/8c) will now debut against Game 7’s later innings. And a Peacock insider says there’s “no chance” the network will blink and go with repeat programming instead.

Fringe (and yes, Kitchen Nightmares) will now resume their seasons Friday, Nov. 4.

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