The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Friday

This Friday, as CBS switches to repeats opposite the World Series, you’ve got Carmichael Industries swinging into action, Nikita dealing with Daddy issues, NBC feeling Grimm and more. As a supplement to TVLine’s original feature stories, here are nine programs to keep on your radar.

World Series Forces Fringe to Sit the Bench

8 pm MLB World Series (Fox) | The Rangers face the Cardinals one last time, winner takes all. (Sorry, Mr. Bishop. Next week!)

8 pm Chuck (NBC) | The spy comedy (finally) returns for its fifth and final season. Morgan’s “ownership” of the Intersect does not come without its complications (some of which are a bit dark), and Chuck’s “jealousy” over his BFF now doing the flashing zooming gets piled on a bit high. But by Episode 2, with the arrival of The Matrix‘s Carrie-Ann Moss as an old foe(/flame?) of Casey’s, this farewell lap finds a nice rhythm. Don’t blink during the cold open or you’ll miss Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill in affected villain mode.

8 pm Nikita (The CW) | Nikita and Michael track down Nikita’s father (David Keith, Officer and a Gentleman), but the reunion is not quite what our favorite (brunette) lady spy expected.

8:30 pm ThunderCats (Cartoon Network) | Season 1.5 premiere: The Cats help to rescue enslaved Berbils and defend their village. Panthro learns that’s he’s not the only “wrench monkey” and bonds with Robear Bill.

Nikita Exclusive: 24’s Sarah Clarke Spies Top-Secret Role

9 pm Grimm (NBC) | Series premiere: Dave Giuntoli (Privileged) stars as a homicide detective who learns he is the last of the Grimms aka a line of hunters who are able to recognize and fight sinister storybook characters. (Read my Fall TV First Impression here.)

9 pm Supernatural (The CW) | Sam and Dean are once again on many, many ladies’ the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list when Leviathans clone the brothers and go on a killing spree. I can hear y’all now: “More Sams and Deans?! Keep the cloning coming!”

9 pm Gold Rush (Discovery) | Season 2 premiere: In Porcupine Creek, Todd, Jack and their crew they celebrate their best clean-out ever, until “Dakota Fred” returns and drops a bombshell on them.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, A Gifted Man and More!

10 pm Boss (Starz) | Kane’s wife (played by Connie Nielsen) begins to suspect that he is withholding something from her.

10 pm Sanctuary (Syfy) | Magnus’s trip to a remote African island is interrupted by a deadly hostage crisis.

What will you be watching this Friday?

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